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  1. Coaching Carousel

    "Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy says he’s ‘full speed ahead’ after meeting with Jerry Jones" https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/cowboys/2022/01/23/cowboys-head-coach-mike-mccarthy-says-hes-full-speed-ahead-after-meeting-with-jerry-jones/?outputType=amp
  2. Coaching Carousel

    Who's next, Joe Judge and Dave Gettleman? How can these two survive that disaster?
  3. Rams vs Buccaneers (Sunday)

    Rams vs. Buccaneers spread: Tampa Bay -2.5 Rams vs. Buccaneers over-under: 48 points Rams vs. Buccaneers money line: Los Angeles +130, Tampa Bay -150 LAR: Rams are 3-3 against the spread with the rest disadvantage since 2020 TB: Buccaneers are 6-1 ATS with the rest advantage over the past two years
  4. DFS Thread

    Do a lot of people here play DFS? I was setting some lineups today and couldn't believe the values. I was able to put together some pretty strong lineups under budget.
  5. 49ers vs Packers (Saturday Night)

    Packers vs. 49ers spread: Packers -5.5 Packers vs. 49ers over-under: 47 points Packers vs. 49ers money line: Packers -240, 49ers +200 SF: 49ers are 5-1 against the spread in their last six games GB: Packers are 12-5 against the spread this season
  6. The Project Thread

    Nicely done. It's such a pain in the ass to hang a microwave. I did one a few years back and got soo pissed that I nearly threw it in the pool. Make sure you post the finished product. Good luck 🤞
  7. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    This is an early line but it's going down. It seems like a Bills line but right now I like the Chiefs/under. I'll update the line before gametime. What does everyone think? Bills vs. Chiefs spread: Kansas City -2 Bills vs. Chiefs over-under: 54.5 points Bills vs. Chiefs money line: Kansas City -130, Buffalo +110 KC: Chiefs are 5-0 ATS in their last five games as home favorites BUF: Bills are 4-0-1 ATS in their last five games overall
  8. Help me with a TRIO

    Hill wasn't too shabby. Where was the Tyreek all season when I needed him?
  9. DFS Thread

    I got absolutely obliterated this weekend. One of the worst Fantasy showings ever! Hahaha
  10. Start D Williams?

    Yeah, go figure. I'll never draft a KC running back again. It's too complicated.
  11. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    I've been screaming for a full quarter OT for years. Abolish ties and play until someone wins. Unfortunately this will never happen again because it cuts into the Network's precious programming that sponsors pay dearly for.
  12. Question

    Wow, much respect. That's one of the toughest jobs in my opinion.
  13. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    Naa, probably the 4th quarter and OT. I feel like that was the Superbowl
  14. Sean Payton, done as Saints' HC?

    He'd be a fool to leave that job. He's not going anywhere.
  15. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    Easy peasy
  16. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    I can't wait to watch that game again.
  17. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    I know, it's soo dumb. The current setup is only to appease the networks. Overtime was cutting into their programming and costing them $$$.
  18. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    The playoffs should be a whole quarter of OT. Old school
  19. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    And nobody's fault. Whoever won that coin toss was going to win it. That was an all time all timer. Amazing!
  20. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    And there ya have it.
  21. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    Good stuff
  22. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

  23. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    Kelce and Hill were just running wild. How?
  24. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    Thank you John. I was hoping we'd see a 70 yarder there, haha.
  25. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    This might be the best QB duel ever!