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  1. Will Allen Robinson get better?

    In a 14 team league I'm surprised he's on waivers, if I had a spot and nobody else I wanted to roster I'd pick him up
  2. Chubb + Diontae for Tyreek

    I probably wouldn't do it, with injuries always right around the corner it's nice having solid players to plug those holes
  3. Looking for advice on how to get diggs

    Before I saw the comment above I was also gonna say offer Woods and Mitchell
  4. Another offer for Kamara. Thoughts?

    Out of all the trades you've listed for kamara I kinda like the Jrob Jefferson trade, Jefferson would be a nice boost at WR and if Jrob keeps up his pace I think it would be worth it
  5. grade my team after the trades ive made

    I'm guessing a lot of people are curious on what trades you made and what size league you're in.
  6. This is harder than Calculus

    This is just a gut feeling but these QBs will be going against their former teams so I see a shoot out brewing which could benefit Woods but also agree that with AB sitting Godwin should see some of those extra targets so I guess I'm agreeing to sit Gibson
  7. WDIS this week

    I got a WR slot and flex spot to fill in PPR league. My options are C. Davis vs NE Ruggs vs Phi Herbert vs TB Freeman vs Cin and M. Carter vs NE are on WW so I could try for one of them but who would I drop? My options to drop are the three listed above or Mattison. I got Diggs, D. Johnson and J Rob on bye so this is what I have for the week.
  8. In a 12 team league you gotta have a better droppable option, what's your roster look like?
  9. Do you like this trade

    That's what I was thinking, I think Ertz benefits from the trade and having Dillon makes having Jones that much better imo
  10. Trade help

    You could try for a different RB but if Mixon can stay healthy I would like the trade, DK might take a hit with Wilson out
  11. Do you like this trade

    I would do it
  12. Who gets the better end of this deal?

    If you can wait on Monty to come back and he'll take the deal do it.
  13. Depending on the other teams rosters Gibson could get you some of the names listed above, if you can live without Gibson AND Lockett then I would throw out offers for any of the big names.
  14. Formulate a Trade for Kelce

    To be honest the trade seems fairly close but I don't think it's enough for him to be blown away and pull the trigger, with that said your team looks pretty strong and I wouldn't be worried about looking for a trade here
  15. AJ Green for Mattison?

    He was probably hoping for someone with a need for RB to bite based off the 2 nice games he had in Cooks absence and make an impulse trade. Someone with a WR heavy team might offer a better WR thinking Cook might miss more time in which case Mattison would be pretty valuable barring his own health but that'd basically be a gamble at that point.