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  1. Worth Holding on to Taysom?

    I have and used him as well over Tannehill and I'm gonna hang on to him unless they name Winston the starter. If you have room for him keep him but don't pass up a good WW pick up that could help at another position to keep him
  2. Trade for Keenan Allen?

    I have Allen and I would want Theilen to replace him and probably Gibson or Kareem along with him. Unless I was super deep at WR and in bad need of RBs there's no way I would take anything less but it doesn't hurt to try.
  3. D. Adams Value

    Depends on how desperate he is. You'd have to replace Adams with at least Arob and couple him with any of your backs starting on the low end but not sure that would be enough. If it gets to the point that your including Hopkins or Thomas in the trade ( even though I'm not sure of Thomas value with Brees out) then I would stay put. Your team looks pretty good to me.