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  1. New Boards

    ditto here
  2. 15,000 posts

    Congrats on the 15k - and the wonderful life!
  3. Religious Question

    Yes, I pray daily and often. That's what works for me. To each their own.
  4. I got a bad PSA test.....

    Hang in there RR ... all men eventually have to deal with prostate issues.
  5. Baby Pictures

    Congrats to you and the Mrs. BC!
  6. For those of you that pray

    Prayers are on the way Hugh ...
  7. Planet Earth

    Been incredible so far. If you have hi-def, it's must-see tv. Was shocked to see lions taking down an elephant.
  8. A couple of little prayes requested....

    Prayers from Ohio are on their way RR. Keep us posted on her condition.
  9. Now the waiting begins

    Count me in! All the best to you & yours Keggerz!
  10. Riddle me even more..

    26. - Chargerz
  11. PC Gamers.......

    Recently bought "C & C The First Decade" on E-Bay for $20. With the exception of Renegade, I've really enjoyed revisiting the old games. Was not aware there was a Red Alert 3 out. Will have to check it out. If you're looking for a classic pc game that has withstood the test of time (plus it's cheap), check out "Master of Orion 2".
  12. Dune

    I gotta' go with SB on this one. I liked it what can I say? And the director's cut is better. I also enjoyed the Sci-Fi channel's version too. But I'm a sci-fi geek, so to each their own.
  13. Cables for HD TV

    Bought the same Panasonic 50" plasma on Thursday. The family is really enjoying it. Here's a website that gives some good advice on how to set up your color/contrast/sharpness etc.
  14. HDTV questions

    Just took the plunge and bought a 50" Panasonic plasma TV with a JVC surround/sound set up. It's like night and day compared to what we had (34" Zenith w/no HD). The price was right, we waited a long time, and this was the biggest bang we could make with the available $$$$ we had. Just make sure you get quality HDMI cabling, and I'd definitely get a surge protector (1 with a component guarantee). We upgraded to the HD cable box, and couldn't be more pleased. JMO.
  15. I want my man card back...

    Where's the missing photo where you drop all the lug nuts and yell "OH F-U-D-G-E" to Darrin McGavin?