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  1. N.D. vs. MSU

    I'm an ND fan, but you're absolutely right. I've seen prevent "D" before. But now I've seen prevent "O" from the MSU coaching staff. Great game though.
  2. what do you need on MNF?

    I am up by 9 but need Brandon Jacobs & NYG "D" to hold off Julius Jones.
  3. Today...It's on!

    Is the egg a Florida phenomenen? My brother in law lives in Lake Mary, and he bought one. He swears by it. We went down to visit him in June, and I'm here to tell ya' that it's the real deal. He even cooked pizza on the doggone thing. Thinking of buying one myself, but the larger version of the egg is kinda' pricey.
  4. What is Willie Parker's Trade Value

    Loaf nailed it elmanx. Parker's value is high right now. If you can get Jackson or Wayne...pull the trigger. I wouldn't do it for A. Johnson. Two words to help you make the trade asap..."Quentin Griffen". JMO.
  5. WDIS

    Ride the hot hand. Brees and McCardell.
  6. Davis or Davis?

    I would start Davis. Just kidding. I would start DD, just because I think he'll give you more scoring opportunities. I like Stephen Davis, but he just doesn't have much gas left in the tank. JMO.
  7. Horn, Jackson, Branch or Driver.

    You can't bench Horn or Jackson...c'mon. I lean towards Driver for your number 3 WR because Cleveland's "D" is frightening so far. Not that GB has anything to brag about on offense or defense either. JMO.
  8. WDIS: WR - Need one more.

    Jackson, Branch & Williams. Roy Williams catches everything thrown his way. Unfortunately, Harrington's the one doing the throwing. JMO.
  9. Help structure a deal

    I wouldn't trade JJ even up for Westbrook; let alone offer a WR to boot. It's too soon to give JJ the heave ho, and with Deuce and DD as your starters, you can afford to wait out the storm. JMO.
  10. Trade?

    I wouldn't make the trade. Too soon to make a judgement on JJ (and with your RB corps you don't need to), and S. Jax is the real deal. I'd stand pat and/or wait for a MUCH better offer. JMO.
  11. Bench DD for Larry J?

    Johnson will split carries with Priest. Davis will not split carries with anyone. That should answer your question. And BTW, Buffalo's "D" is pretty good, and IMHO, in the same league as Pitisfulburg. JMO.
  12. Who to start at RB and WR

    Nice dilemma to have for your 1st team, but I like Parker against Houston's D (not that Minn. D is much better). Holt is a no brainer against Arizona...c'mon. 2nd team looks like a crap shoot. For me, I'd play Cadillac as your #3. Favre's on a sinking ship, and Warner's ship sank years ago. I'd scan the waiver wire for a more serviceable QB. I know it sucks dropping Favre, but that's a team going nowhere. JMO.
  13. RB trade in the works

    The jury's still out on Arrington, but McGahee is solid. Never been a fan of Westbrook or Dunn. Deuce, McGahee, and Parker sound like a pretty good stable of RB's. I'd do it...but what do I know? JMO.
  14. Week 2 RB starts: which two?

    I agree with Doc on Parker. Play'em until he gives you a reason not to. But I like JJ's chances better than the "Deuce". I just don't think "Deuce" has been the same stud since Terrell Smith (his blocking FB) left NO for Cleveland. JMO.
  15. Flex # 3 / WR dilemma

    At 1st I thought you meant Randy Moss!?!? Crumpler was pretty solid last year. Out of the bunch you have listed, that's who I'd go with. Especially against the "soft" Seattle "D". JMO.
  16. Koren Robinson

    I'd go for another sleeper. I had Robinson twice in the past few years. He's not worth the headaches. Surely you can find a safer sleeper than him via the WW. JMO.
  17. what's a Commissioner to Do?

    It's not a trade I would make, but it's not worth your fretting over...or kicking up a fuss about. If your league gets the 8 needed votes to kill it, then so be it. Otherwise...leave it alone. JMO.
  18. Who knows RBs

    I watched Jacobs in preseason. He's a monster. Like the previous posts, he'll be the goal line ox. Even though Moore is on the outs with Minny, that could change, and he showed signs of life last year. Moats has shown us nothing yet. JMO.
  19. Drop greg lewis

  20. Trade Advice

    Basically you're trading DD for Edge. The rest is a wash. So IMO, I'd definitely do it.
  21. Best Food Network show

    I'll "gare-on-tee" I wish Justin was still on.
  22. Best Food Network show

    "Unwrapped" is my fave. Reminds me of a show that I enjoyed as a kid called "Hot Dog". Same premise...showing how they make "stuff".
  23. 2 Hours until the draft

    My auction draft starts at 7 p.m. tonight. Yes, I've read all the Huddle draft strategies, and some previous threads. It's a performance scoring league, and we each have $100 bucks to spend during the draft. I just wondered what some of your thoughts/strategies are when it comes to auction drafts.
  24. 2 Hours until the draft

    Thanks for all the advice. Just got back from my draft, and I think it went well. I spent $39 on Shaun Alexander and $25 on McGahee ($100 cap). After that, I just kept nominating players I had no intention of drafting, and let the bidding wars begin. Then rounded out my team with what I felt were real bargains. Thanks again all!
  25. Newbie suggestion has what you're looking for, but you have to join to use it.