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  1. Which 2 moves to make?

    You as well, and thanks for all of your help this year!
  2. Which 2 moves to make?

    Ya it’s a pretty small league (8 teams with rosters that aren’t huge), and the teams that made or were in the running for playoffs all had decent TEs so I guess no one made the switch. Worked out for me for this week at least
  3. Finals line up

    Only change I’d maybe make is flexing Johnson over Gaskin
  4. Herbert or Hurts?

    I say Hurts
  5. $400 on the line... any advice?

    I’d bench Kupp and move Gibson to flex if he’s playing Kupp’s target share is just too low lately for me to trust him in the finals (add to that he only has 1 TD in his last 10 games)
  6. Who would you start? I’m leaning slightly toward Landry but I go back and forth
  7. Which 2 moves to make?

    Glad I didn’t act too quickly on both moves. I had shifted over to Fournette instead of Pollard with the looks of Zeke being in and RoJo being out (Fournette is currently my flex) And with the 2nd move I was planning to upgrade my defence but just grabbed Logan Thomas instead with news of Henry being on the COVID list. Not ideal to be starting Houston probably, but could be worse
  8. For the 4peat: Diontae or Godwin

    Godwin by a little for me
  9. I have 3 potential moves I’d like to make, but only 2 moves left for the week so I have to be strategic. League is half PPR 1) Swap Houston defence for an upgrade such as Washington or Arizona 2) Swap Hunter Henry for Logan Thomas at TE 3) Add Tony Pollard in case Zeke doesn’t play. Pollard could potentially be my flex over Swift Which 2 options would you go for? Looking to create the greatest upside differential over my current lineup basically. Thanks! Current lineup looks like this: QB - Allen RB - Cook, Jones WR - Woods, Landry TE - Henry FLEX - Swift K - Lutz DEF - Texans Bench: Julio Diontae JuJu Hunt Mattison
  10. Tried to get Chicago but my opponent put in a claim for them too. Which of the teams below would you go for? Saints vs Vikings WFT vs Panthers Buccs at Lions Texans vs Bengals Cardinals vs 49ers
  11. Unfortunately my top 2 WRs in Julio and Thomas are both out this week... so 2 of these would you start? Woods Diontae JuJu
  12. Swift or Hunt? Half PPR

    Swift it is, thanks all