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  1. PSA: Watson to MIA?

    I'm not sure the nfl can suspend him since no charges by the prosecutor have been filed.
  2. Looking at schedules I think deebo has easier opposition...
  3. Who amongst this group?

    Wilson and gaskin..n Hilton
  4. I read a report he is gonna be out this week
  5. Who to flex?

    Yes i did keep him in
  6. Who to flex?

    Im glad the coach played the hot hand after awhile n kept him in.. this stuff us nerve wrecking!!!
  7. Who to flex?

    And of course he isnt starting
  8. Who to flex?

    So torn but ima stick wit gaskin jus worried cuz opponent played Wilson and need not to mess up!!!
  9. Who to flex?

    Nobody believes in crowder against a team who has trouble against slot guys?..still gaskins over him.. or how about hall now since landry out
  10. Who to flex?

    I jus put cooks in for landry
  11. Who to flex?

    I think ima sit gaskins..its saying even split for them
  12. Which Tight end start

    I know he gonna want to play..will coaches let him play more.. yeah im worried snap count..qb play..n cards r top 5 vs tight ends
  13. Who to flex?

    U think even in a timeshare? I wish one or the other wasnt playing for miami!
  14. Who to flex?

    Gaskins vs Raiders Cooks vs Bengals Crowder vs Browns I have gaskin in now but thinking both cooks n crowder score more