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  1. Looks like jones is out ..drop mckinnon ..
  2. Boston Scott for this week .. Jones should be returning
  3. Lev Bell trade offer. Accept?

    You can always leave that offer on the table n try and trade a wr for a rb .. or make the trade n trade Evans for a rb
  4. Tyreek Hill Trade

    Id take that deal
  5. CEH Bell

    Was it Bell or a horrible Jets team n coach.. i believe Bell has something left .. n rumors r Chiefs Dolphins Bills 3 teams he deciding on..something shld def come today
  6. So it seems Adams thinks he can play but the packers wanna hold him out..hopefully he can convince them but if not who better start.. Gage or tonyan.
  7. Adams vs Coaches.

    Sure did !!!
  8. Hardman, Harry, or the field?

    I think hardman might have decent night since Watkins n Hill matchup against pats top corners..possibly..maybe?
  9. I wouldn't..maybe mosert for diggs
  10. Adams vs Coaches.

    I was hoping julio or calvin woulda took the week off!!
  11. Thoughts on this Kamara trade?

    Ahh i dnt knw bout that .. if anything can you get whoever to throw in a better wr.. if not i wouldn't do that
  12. Jeudy or Crowder tonight?

    Im playing crowder if he def playing..think he will do well ..only offensive option so why not.
  13. Zeke n kupp or jacobs n adams
  14. Which side yall prefer?

    Thanks yall..i made the deal
  15. Which side yall prefer?

    I knw Adams is a big upgrade over kupp..
  16. Give Henry get Thomas n Montgomery.. I have A. Jones Robinson gibson n brown as other backs.. wrs. Kupp moore chark crowder Qb is Brees thats why im tempted.. i dnt trust Montgomery at all tho.
  17. Thoughts on trade..

    I am 3-0 and the requirements r 2back 2wrs 1flex
  18. Trade ?

    Would you trade derrick henry for Ridley or Thomas?
  19. Trade ?

    Yeah i am hesitant. I knw henry starts off slow and picks it up later.. i jus need to upgrade to atleast 1 consistent wr.. i have aaron jones henry n robinson r my top 3 backs. I have moore kupp chark top 3 wr and none of them r going to b consistent
  20. Trade ?

    If ur team was well balanced n u just wanted to better your wrs .. n i have brees thats why im leaning Thomas but im worried about his ankle rest of year.. but then ridley has tougher schedule at end of year.. or i could jus keep him.. i have moore and kupp as my top 2 wrs..jus think they both gonna b inconsistent
  21. CmC trade

    Miles sanders for CmC .. i believe im fine to stash him for a month..
  22. Who wins trade .. David Johnson n Sammy Watkins or Kenyan Drake.. id b gettin Drake if making the deal. 10 team ppr My team is Zeke Sanders Johnson Jones . Golladay Kupp P Campbell Cooks C Davis Watkins.
  23. Dj and Watkins for Drake

    Thought so .. i accepted..thanks
  24. Michael Thomas

    Cooper Kupp and David Johnson for MT..good move right..
  25. Michael Thomas

    Id b gettin Thomas..