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  1. Hahaha .. i am 8-0. By some luck last few weeks looking more for playoffs not now.. they r jus all so inconsistent and thats what bothers me.. i have a championship team if i get jus some more production from them.. im worried the guy that u wanna trade with will make the chip n wit 2 trades 1 questionable he just made he really solidified his team.. herbert cook robinson diggs adams aj brown hock ekler jackson d johnson .. i dnt wanna trade any of my rbs but i feel as tho he has greatly improved his roster ..  ima keep tryin to trade 2 wrs for 1 more consistent instead.

  2. Tryin to look at this from every angle he would most likely give up 2 guys he would use during playoffs in exchange for 1 guy .   His other rbs cook n Robison have tough playoff schedules .  So i think henry is tough to give up but ekler n brown shld produce more.

  3. Tannehill.. Henry..  A Jones..Chubb..  crowder. Moore.. chark.. cooks..galloday.. these r the main guys.. qb 2rbs 2wrs te flex ...  ok im trying to get a more consistent wr while not taking away too much from my rbs.. its ppr league.. i was thinking if i send offer of Henry n cooks for Ekler..J Jackson n Brown from titans .. figured chargers have a good schedule shld get good points from rb spot and a improvement to my wr .. or i jus stay n hope these wr step it up.