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  1. Flex advice?

    In half PPR, pick two to roll with: Jeudy, Aj Dillon, Alex Collins, Cole Beasley Thanks! Cheers
  2. Got some pretty difficult decisions for this evening. In my half ppr redraft league (team in signature), I need to decide: Joe Burrow or Daniel Jones and Pick 3 of: Chubba Hubbard, Elijah Mitchell, Chase Claypool, Alex Collins, Kadarius Toney, Jerry Jeudy.
  3. Tricky start sit decision

    Good point. I also believe that Carroll said Collins is going to pracitce today which may be a good sign for Monday--in which case I think Collins + Waddle has to be the safest way to roll. Cheers
  4. Hey all, need to pick 2 of the 4 to start in my half-PPR league. One of them will be my WR2 and the other in my flex. The choices are Tim Patrick tonight, AJ Dillon, Jaylen Waddle, and Alex Collins on Monday. Currently leaning Patrick and Waddle, with the option to swap in Collins on Sunday morning over Waddle if I hear he is going to play. My other option is to forego playing Patrick tonight and if Collins doesn't play then worst comes to worse I play Waddle/Dillon. Thoughts?
  5. Just got offered Antonio Gibson for my Mixon in my half-PPR league (team in signature). My other RBs are CMC, Damien Harris, AJ Dillon, Hubbard. Thanks!
  6. Last Thursday after Russ got injured, I received a trade offer: I get Damien Harris for my Lockett. I immediately accepted since I knew Russ would be out a while but have been unsure about that decision since then. I was already flexing Lockett so essentially Harris is replacing him as a weekly-ish flex for me. I also needed more RB security w/ CMC and Mixon being my top two backs. This was also before I knew that Harris would be hurt today. Thoughts on the trade?
  7. Play Mixon in flex?

    Was originally planning to be without Mixon in half PPR. Do I play any of these guys over him? - claypool - Tim patrick - Cole beasley - kadarius Toney (this is who I originally had, I desperately need upside this week having already played Russ and Lockett)
  8. Hey Irish. Currently in a hole in my matchup this week having played Russ and Lockett. Need some upside with my flex for a half-PPR league. Options are: Kadarius Toney, Claypool, Beasley, Tim Patrick. I originally was going Beasley but with news of the NYG players missing this week and his high YAC ability as opposed to Beasley's predictable 6 for 50, I am currently leaning Toney. Thanks!
  9. Trade Hopkins for Jefferson/Pitts?

    True, I think I'm gonna trade Schultz now if anyone wants a nice play this week. Thanks everyone for the advice! Trade went through
  10. Got offered Justin Jefferson and Pitts for my Hopkins in half PPR. Thoughts? My team is in signature and other WRs include Godwin, Lockett whereas I am already rostering higbee/schultz
  11. Higbee/Schultz and Dillon/Collins?

    I wish I could say I could avoid Dillon! But I drafted CMC, Mixon, Etienne. Considering worst case here haha. Worst comes to worst this week is going to be Chubba and Dillon
  12. Hey all. Currently contemplating my RB2 and TE situation in half-PPR. My TE situation is pretty cut and dry, either Schultz or Higbee this week (but need to lock it in before tomorrow night). Additionally, I need to decide to play either AJ Dillon or Alex Collins tomorrow night (barring Chris Carson playing). Thanks!
  13. Am I Spiraling or no?

    10 teams, 4 made playoffs. Started 2-4 last year but made playoffs off the back of JRob and Claypool pick ups and ended up 2nd. So close!
  14. Am I Spiraling or no?

    Thanks for the advice! I think I'm gonna try and use Mixon, Godwin, Russ and Claypool and see if I can individually get some deals. If not, I'll pay up this week for Perine. Thanks all
  15. Am I Spiraling or no?

    Need some advice. Started 2-0 and felt like a big shot in my Half-PPR money league (in signature) but the last two weeks have been worrisome. I am considering essentially dumping my team by sending 4 for 4 and 5 for 5 trades, some of which I know owners would agree to make including the likes of Darrell Henderson, DK Metcalf, Jalen Hurts, Marquise Brown, Stefon Diggs, etc. I'm concerned because... Russ/Lockett Stack: Running the least plays in the league. Russ is a borderline QB1 through 4 weeks and outscored by likes of Hurts and Danny Dimes, and I missed the sell-high window on Lockett (sue me, I'm a Seahawks fan) CMC: Hurt (prob will keep, plus I handcuffed) Mixon: Hurt (didn't handcuff). Volume is king but Mixon's always hurt Hopkins: Target share is concerning and doesn't look like it will change. Feel like window to flip for a WR in the likes of Jefferson/Diggs is closing Godwin: Too big of a pie in TB? Not consistent? Might keep Godwin in addition to CMC. Claypool: Hurt and Ben is through. Am I overreacting and should I hold steady despite approaching 2-3 and utilize waivers? Or should I jump ship? Any thoughts are appreciated!!