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  1. Chunky Soups

    Jax and Az. I agree. The chicken and sausage gumbo is excellent. I finish it off with a touch of 1/2 & 1/2 and a tbsp of butter. I have about a 1/2 doz cans on hand at any time. I also like the beef barley, chicken corn chowder, and Progresso italian wedding soup. Rockn mentioned mushroom. I also keep a few cans of regular Cambells CoM on hand to add to crockpot beef recipes.
  2. help me pick my new TV

    A display is not truly calibrated until it has your sources, cable box, sat, box, DVD player, etc; on it's inputs. Then all inputs used must be calibrated. I'd get a credit or refund. Sounds like a nice set Az. Enjoy!
  3. Audio Dropouts during commercials

    I noticed the audio problem during the hp commercial with OCC. Tuttles voice was really subdued, practically missing in the mix. Definately was a broadcast problem.
  4. Video of the Year: Husband bored at themall

    Admit it. You only liked it because he said he smelled like poop. Personally, I preferred the Thriller dance video better.
  5. Tv receiver problem

    Glad to hear that it was just the optical cable Frenzal. MrTed. Have you tried the "Clear Program Info & To Do List" ? (Not to be confused with Clear & Delete.) It keeps all your current recordings but clears your season passes, To Do List, Guide Data, and Thumbs. This has helped some people who had slowness with their systems and audio/video drop outs. You can either write down your Season passes or take screen shots with a digital camera. Once it is completed, the guide data will be repopulated over 2 days or so. It's either that or a new hard drive.
  6. Tv receiver problem

    Which HD receiver do you have? The HR10-250? That is the one that I'm aware has had audio drop out problems. Mine is fine and never really had the problem. "Restart" the recorder is available in setup. You could try that but if your setup is new I doubt that will fix the problem. Sounds like a bad hard drive. If this is an H or HR20 receiver I have no clue. If it's a HR10-250 try the Tivo Forum for more information.
  7. who here has the DirecTV HR20 HD-DVR?

    Comcast HD-DVR with Tivo is due out soon. You could also buy the Series 3 HD Tivo. Sorry, no info on the HR-20 here. I'm hanging in with my HR10-250 for now.
  8. help me pick my new TV

    I haven't done much in the way of 40" set comparison lately and I'm sure Az has done his homework. If not, go to AVSForums as has been mentioned. I get all my info there. I'm sure you'll be happy with either of those three. What I will suggest if your in the market for a non-HD player, go Oppo Digital. The 970HD is a cocker of a player with media card slots and a USB connection up front. They might come in handy. For standard def, the player really cannot be beat. And a refurb can be had directly from them for $119. The kicker here is Oppo includes an (6ft) HDMI cable with the unit. The player can be set to region free as well. Oppo Products they are out of the refurbs. The new 970HD's are back ordered as well - till Monday.
  9. anyone watch this

    A little bit of hair, dung, and dirt in every bite. No thanks.
  10. XBOX or XBOX 360

    We're good like that!
  11. Who here.....

    BANG IT. What Loaf said. I'll melt down little army men in my ears just for a good earigation at the doctors.
  12. Congrats Colts Fans, From Patriots Fan

    Congrats to the Colts fans out there. What a difference a half makes. The two possessions at the end of the first half and start of the second seemed to spend the Patriots defense. The Colts had the ball forever. Still a very exciting game right down to the end. Good luck in the big one Peyton!
  13. Blockbuster Total Access VS Netflix

  14. Do Ya Clean

    Timely topic for me. If the pot has sat for the day with old coffee, it gets the wash. Otherwise just a rinse and never the dishwasher. But I have retired the drip machine in our house. Got a Keurig B70 for Christmas. It's a single cup system and awesome. I liked it so much I just bought a commercial Grindmaster OPOD. Plumbed it yesterday. The Keurig uses kcups and the OPOD, well, pods.
  15. Red Stripe

    Red Stripe isn't half bad for a regular ol beer. Most of the ones I've had state side were meh. It needs to be fresh and best consumed right in Jamaica mon.