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  1. A.J. Green or Marlon Mack flex ppr

    With a potentially rusty passing game the great Jacksonville opponent and Joe burrow being a big ? I think Mack's the better option.
  2. I have a choice between Jerry Jeudy and Devonte Parker I think overall Parker is the better choice but with Sutton maybe missing Juedy might be better. Or should I just risk Sutton?
  3. Trade help

    D Adams for Alvin kamara and Brandon Cook thoughts?
  4. Drop will fuller for one of these studs?

    Grab MccLaurin before it's too late he has the potential to be a Wr1
  5. Team Dropped Barkley?

    Ya he is stupid for not at least trading him. Last year someone dropped Amari Cooper right after he got traded to the cowboys...... ... lol
  6. I was offered a trade. Advice??

    Wait no no no I see people are getting worried about Ryan's interceptions but now that I think about it maybe not
  7. I was offered a trade. Advice??

    I don't see him getting much better than Streamer QBs for Shep maybe Mariota or Ryan if he's pushing it.
  8. I was offered a trade. Advice??

    Maybe. The idea of starting Daniel Jones so soon is kinda scary but you have great Wr depth so if you are confident in him go for it!
  9. I probably should keep him on my bench but i have 3 Rbs (Cook White Connor) and i need an solid Rb2 should i deal Barkley or keep him on my bench until week 11?
  10. It's pouring in KC..

    Still the field will be wet. Who remembers that game that L Murray tripped like 5 or 6 times because of rain a few years back.
  11. Trade Advice: Josh Allen for Joe Mixon

    Lol Allen is on my Ww no brainier do it!!
  12. Start Hollywood or Gordon?

    Gordon. The Ab sich and James Whites childs birth will get Gordon more looks
  13. It's pouring in KC..

    See if you can get Mason Rudolph you can get him easy off the Ww
  14. When is it time to go after Melvin?

    How the heck did you pull that off??
  15. It's pouring in KC..

    Maybe the rain will help out the Baltimore D