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  1. Thanks and a 2021 keeper question

    Other than mahomes and Lamar, all qbs typically went in the 6-8 rd range this year in my league. With Pete Carroll putting the breaks on the offense, I’m not sure Russ would get drafted much higher than 7th rd in 2021 as there’s a case he’s the 7th best ff qb in 2021? Mahomes Allen Rodgers Herbert Kyler Watson Russ Lamar I’m not sure diontae can sustain that target share in 2021, and while it is a non-ppr, we are required to start 3 wrs and I’d guess diontae goes somewhere in 5th ish round?
  2. The odds of that occurring twice are so low - nuts.
  3. First of all congrats to all on a great season. I forgot how wonderful this board is and plan on getting more involved next season. Just completed the 4peat in my 20 year high school friends league so thanks for all the help!! Keeper question: keep 1, Standard scoring, 6 pt all tds, 3 wr requirement. diontae in 7th or russ in 7th Obviously a lot can happen in offseason but always like to start planning early. Please lmk your thoughts, thx!! 😁
  4. Thank you!

    Congrats on a nice season though guessing you may have lost by a tad.
  5. Thanks Everyone

    Congrats man!!
  6. Good lord! That’s a horrific beat but maybe luck just ran out. Good run though!
  7. RB 2 for the Championship?

    Two good options. Prob lean bell
  8. My final “which RB this week” of the season

    Congrats on the big Wilson hit. Obviously sucks to miss out on gaskin but hopefully jtay comes through for you (and me! 😁)
  9. FLEX help- McKissic or Cooks... driving me nuts

    Cooks. Gibson is playing
  10. For the 4peat: Mike Davis or diontae and defense?

    Yep, The conflict is an issue in my mind. Strongly leaning Davis but also leaning towards playing Wash.
  11. Which Tight end start

    Tonyan - gb implied total is massive and I want a piece of that. Kittle of “pitch count” too. please help:
  12. Flex help. Start Jeff Wilson

    I’d have gone Wilson for the record and of course Godwin off to a great start please help
  13. Pick 3 RB

    Sanders Gordon wikson please help
  14. Who do I start in my flex?

    Wilson then Corey davis please help: