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  1. McLaurin, Woods, or Edmonds

    Montana and I looking to be slightly off with our calls, yikes, ha!
  2. Flex .5 ppr

    Agree please help me:
  3. Need RB2 and flex

    Jwill and devonta please help me:
  4. Jacobs OUT, now what?

    Chase Move jacobs to ir, drop Wilson and pick up singletary please help me:
  5. Looking to trade for Devante Adams

    I’d make that deal abs get adams please help me:
  6. Week 2 WR2

    Patrick>Robby>shenault please help me:
  7. Cousins or Goff?

    Cousins please help me:
  8. Need RB and Flex advice

    Williams and smith please help me:
  9. Devonta Smith or DJ Moore PPR Week 2

    Close but I’d go Moore please help me:
  10. Start Brady or Hurts??

    Brady please help me:
  11. .5 PPR Flex

    cdavis please help me:
  12. Trade for Jefferson? Fast Replies appreciated!

    I would do it. The overall team may not be better from the trade but puts you in a better position for higher upside moving forward imo - Can always hunt for rb2/3 on ww. Not going to find a wr1 on ww. please help me:
  13. Rodgers or Hurts?

    Rodgers please help me:
  14. Sutton or Parker ros?

    Standard scoring who you like better rest of season? thx for the help boys!
  15. Trade Locket and James Robinson for Ceedee Lamb?

    I would make that deal. Your rb depth is fine and you’d be getting the best player in the deal.