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  1. Drop Juju or Gallup?

    Have to drop one for a defense. Who do I drop? Leaning towards Juju, If Cooper ends up being injured with that knee I think Gallups value could jump
  2. Who To Drop?

    Need to drop an extra RB to pick up a kicker (didnt run one last week) can drop White or J Williams. I have Bell, Gordon and Fournette so either one would only be started due to injury.
  3. Since White is questionable with a late game should I pick up one of the other two to start instead?
  4. 2 for 2 Trade PPR

    Just curious do you expect Henry to break out the rest of the year? Hes been one of the lowest scorers on the team only avg 13 pts a game if you leave out his first game. Ertz has only been at only 10. Is the upgrade at TE not worth it? Henry was only started as a bye week fill in or possible flex. Kelce just for Henry?
  5. 2 for 2 Trade PPR

    Would you trade away D Henry/Ertz to receive Kelce/Sutton? Already have CMC/A Jones, WRs are Jeffery, Watkins, Boyd and Cooks
  6. 1 ppr, pick 3 to start Sutton McLaurin Watkins Jeffery Tate
  7. 1 PPR I need to trade one for a RB this week so who would be best to keep ROS?
  8. What Would You Do?

    Its all good, doing well in my important ones, just feeling a need to ruin their crap lol
  9. What Would You Do?

    Finally heard from the Commish this morning, said since it wasnt vetoed he wasnt going to do anything
  10. Singletary for L. Bell?

    I love Bells schedule just not his team, but I have gotten Bell in the leagues I could and hope he puts up the numbers the rest of the season
  11. Ty Johnson a RB1??

    Lost Kerryon and still didnt waste my #1 on him, glad I didnt
  12. What Would You Do?

    So if anyone followed my other posts a trade went down: 2nd place gave up A Cooper 6th place gave up M Gordon, White and Gallup Guess a couple members werent happy so 9th gave up Zeke to 1st place for Hunt and Singletary. League takes 5+ votes to veto only got 4 as the others dont care and the commish wont give his opinion (hes in last). This is a free league so no money involved. Would you: A: Just keep playing even with shady stuff going on B: Play their game and trade my good players to another pissed owner who has a shot of beating them C: Ignore the league the rest of the season and let it go
  13. This Has to be Vetoed

    Well they believe this is on line with the other trade I posted about. Will see if the commish does anything. As of now the guy recieving Zeke just benched his whole team
  14. This Has to be Vetoed

    9th placed just gave up Zeke to 1st place for Singletary and Hunt. Hope the commish vetoes this.