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  1. Rams vs 49ers (MNF)

    Too much time on the clock for the time out if LA was kicking the FG. I wonder if SF expected the fake.
  2. Playoff Contest

    Gopher, I'd like to give this a try this year I sent you a PM
  3. Bye bye basement

    Sorry to hear about the house Hugh. I'll take the drizzle in western Washington for our annual 57" over 6 months than in 10 storms anyday. At least you got the important things out. Just make sure it gets dried really well so you don't get any mold behind the sheetrock.
  4. What I wanted was the post that said: manning taken 8 bazillion times rivers taken 4 bazillion times grossman taken 1 time etc... Big John, can you help me out here?
  5. Can you post the number of times each player was taken, again. I searched the other smackbowl threads and couldn't find it. Either here or in the final smackbowl rosters thread would work.
  6. What is up with HOF Voters

    No one has been elected unanimous in the history of MLB. Not the Babe(95.1%), not Aaron(97.8), not Williams(93.4), not Jackie Robinson(77.5). The highest ever is Seaver(98.8) But not the best hitter ever. The Babe hit for power, average and pitched lights out also. If he wasn't unaminous why should Gwynn be? But muscle generates the bat speed that knocks the ball out of the park. Gwynn was a definite first ballot hall of famer. However, I don't think anyone will ever be elected unanimously because of the mystique that oldtimers like Ruth and Williams carry.
  7. The "Unofficial" Bears/Seahawks Thread

    The Hawks have to get ahead by a TD early in IMO. 2 FG's just doesn't put the same kind of pressure on the opposing team. I think if that happens we are more likely to see the bad Grossman vs the out of the blue good Grossman of week 2. And right now I think I'd rather be lucky than good. Hawks 22 daBears 17
  8. Oh Cowboyz1! Come out and Play-EEE-Ay!

    Count me in on the Seahawks side. I think the game is a coin flip but you gotta pull for local boys. I hope it is a total monsoon tomorrow and that passing is minimal.
  9. ***** SMACK BOWL X *****

    Ready to prove my ineptitude, yet again.
  10. Is the wind really that bad in Denver?
  11. Top 3 RB = No Playoffs

    Same status as my local. I lead the league in total points but the LT owner has closed within 15pts. I do have SSmith and DWilliams going tonight and he is through for the week.
  12. I hate Sunday night football

    I just make sure I don't turn it on until 15 or 20 after the hour. That way I miss the stupid Pink song and about 800 commericials. I have been thinking about writing the advertisers and tell them I do this because of Pink, thinking that might be one way to end that cr@p.
  13. WDIS - WR

    Smith and Fitzgerald would be my play
  14. Colston's is inactive, so I need a different flex. PPR league. Not a TD only league, but only score about 1.5 points per 25 yds, so not a standard performance league. I have both Carolina RBs, Moulds and Sammie Parker and Michael Jenkins avilable for the last spot. This is the rest of my sarting lineup. Palmer, Carson CIN QB 9 pts Johnson, Larry KCC RB Jones, Kevin DET RB Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB Houshmandzadeh, T.J. CIN WR 21pts Smith, Steve CAR WR Cooley, Chris WAS TE Kaeding, Nate SDC PK Saints, New Orleans NOS Def His lineup: Brees, Drew NOS QB - Addai, Joseph IND RB - Barber, Tiki NYG RB - Burress, Plaxico NYG WR - Holt, Torry STL WR - Horn, Joe NOS WR - Smith, L.J. PHI TE - Scobee, Josh JAC PK - Chargers, San Diego SDC Def Both teams will make the playoffs. Possible first round bye is on the line. Thanx
  15. Huddle's Heros-- WCOFF Championship Game

    You know when you win this thing, all the guys in my local are going to hear about the huddle. Good luck and bring home the championship edited for spelling