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  1. Commish........101

    But well worth reading. This is my first year playing commissioner and I will need to update our rules for next year based on the post.
  2. Last I heard was that Pluto got fired, but it did stay on as a subcontractor.
  3. I took off the handcuffs this season

    I am in a league where we can keep 4 players. I handcuffed D. Williams with Foster because I see a lot of upside. Not to mention that Foster doesn't last the whole season. I was very glad the guy who had Holmes last year didn't handcuff LJ, because LJ led me to the superbowl.
  4. Wilkins

    5 w/ one with a bonus for distance and he is riding the pine
  5. HELP

    Just a gut feeling but I think Kitna is the guy. I don't expect a Lions victory but I think they will put some points on the board. I think Favre is done and don't like Vick vs Carolina.
  6. The All-Bust Team

    It's a little early but there's always next year
  7. Housh downgraded to questionable

    Smith and now Housh The season isn't starting out well
  8. RBBC is a bad thing. Go with Willie
  9. 2006 NFL Survivor Challenge

    I take Tennessee
  10. party @ sky's house !

    I haven't cooked on charcoal in who knows how long, so one of the idiots will have to step up and help with that. Especially since the steaks are about 6 ft tall.
  11. WAS@SEA

    It's true I haven't done much posting off the ECB board, but there are a few out there I guess that's an upgrade from traitor.
  12. WAS@SEA

    What's up with that, Fraz? Don't I count?
  13. Undefeated & Need Superbowl Help!

    I think Morency is a good pickup. I agree with hoopz that a Alex Morency combo is the way to go. If somone beats you to him then start both Seattle backs. Morris has looked good in he games when the Seahawks has pulled Shaun. I like Moss (he has been solid these last few weeks) and Fitz ( I think Indy rests starters yet again) I think Boller over Cllins is a nobrainer at this pt.
  14. Alexander, Carnell, Parker

    A lot depends on your scoring. Does 100yds get you 10pts while a TD is 6? I wouldn't be surprised if Alexander got less than 25 yds but 2 TDs. If you have to just have some pts go for Alexander getting the TDs. If you need a bust out game, gamble and drive the Caddy.
  15. WDIS Defense

    Minnesota has got the anemic offense of da Bears coming up. If Grossman wasn't playing, I think it would be a no brainer. I think Buffalo is the weaker defense, but they are facing the Jets. Minnesota is at home. Buffalo is on the road. Any thoughts?
  16. Calling all BOTH champions

    Techwarrior won ECB (Emerald City)
  17. Some folks think Shaun Alexander won't come back to the Seahawks. I sure hope they are wrong. So, you might want to take a flier on Maurice Morris. He has got the job done when the Hawks have rested Shaun.
  18. Steve Smith

    Yahoo says he was fined $15k. No suspension mention.
  19. Thank You, Corey Dillon!

    I thought I needed him tonight. had a 7 point lead with Dillon going. My opponent had Givens and C Houston going. I figure I needed 1 TD more out of dillon than he got from his guys. With our scoring system his guys didn't get a point and Dillon got me 17. "drbob, you've just won the superbowl what are you doing next?" "I'm going to Disneyland" not really, but the family found it funny
  20. Thoughts/Questions on Reggie Wayne this week..

    I have been wonderig about this for a couple of weeks now. I am very leary of starting Wayne due to lack of WR depth. Hopefully we will know more as the week wears on. Right now my SB team is Palmer LJ Dillon (if he plays) SSmith Wayne Fisher, SParker or Keyshawn McMichael Stover Minnesota We start 1 qb 2 rb 2wr 1te 1k 1 def and 1 wr/rb flex If Wayne doesn't play I probably start Parker as 2nd wr and decide between Fisher and Keyshawn as Flex.
  21. Housh injured?

    I sure hope so. Was playing against him today. But I want Palmer to have that target for the SB next week.