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  1. Alexander

    Hawks will be playing to win. Not sure what Ind does. I think they will want to get a win after the loss but if anyone is dinged up, they might sit and get healthy. I sure hope to see Peyton and company playing for a half at least( I will be at the game).
  2. What do you need for MNF

    I need the Baltimore D to contain Gado and Martin. I am up 32 points and have Stover. Probably need less than 3 td total to the 2 of them and I can absorb any yardage and reception pts. That will get me into the SB. Any points possible from Stover add to my very minute total points lead.
  3. Colts

    Where do Wayne and Stokely fit in here? When Harrison sits does Wayne stay in? Or do both of them sit? I have Wayne and Stokely is available on the WW. I am a little weak at WR right now, so Wayne sitting has me worried.
  4. Getting a raw deal...

    I don't think you go from a keeper to a redraft in just one year. You have an extreme case, so it might be possible. Some people might have sacrified a year or 2 to build for the future but you could look at redrafting a season or two down the road. If you can take enough of the league with you when you go so that the league might fold, you would have a better chance of making the change. Otherwise just walk away and save yourself the headaches and frustration.
  5. The party's over !

    T. Fisher had it for a week then he got hurt.
  6. Highest FF Money League You Play In...

    One league for $100 another for $75. Each has a $5 fee for transactions also. Made nothing in the $100 one. In $75 league made 2nd round of playoffs and guaranteed at least $50. Can win up to $300 for SB and $300 for high points. I am just a small potatoes guy. Hey, Mr Quayle, did I spell that right? edited to add the second "t" to potatoes :doah:
  7. Commish Input Needed

    Does a running back lining up in the slot get double pts for his reception and yards? And what the heck have you done with C Cooley this year? He's all over the place.
  8. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    Dunn S Smith Alexander
  9. Playoff Schedule Dilemma

    Let the toilet bowl owners decide by concensus. Then take the winnings to lower the league fees for next year. The toilet bowlers would have something to play for because their fees would be lower. Also it avoids any appearance of collusion if you chose someone to run the team and they ended up playing you.
  10. WDIS @ RB

    Caddy's been playing well lately. I know he didn't do well in the last match up with Carolina, but I think he has regained the pre injury form. I go with Foster in the same game . I think Davis gets very little so Foster puts up decent numbers again.
  11. SmackBowl IX

    Keep the traditional. I didn't get in last year. (asleep at the wheel). You can switch it next year.
  12. Min or Buff

    Who do I start Minn or Buff? Oakland is on the WW with a matchup vs the Jets. 3 pts for a pick or fumble recovery. 1 pt a sack. 6 pts a TD. No yardage. I will get negative points for giving up over 21 points or 350 yds. Positive points for <17 points of <300 yards. The points are tiered roughly in 25 yd increcrements for yardage . rouglhy 1.5 pts for every point below 17 and - 1 pt for every 3 points above 21. A max of 9 positive or negative in each category.
  13. Post your made playoffs percentage

    1/1 in non huddle 5 seed out of seven ( could have been much higher but lost a couple of squeaker thanx to Mr Dillon and f'n Belichick). I have high points right now by 3 points. If Dillon stays healthy could go all the way. I need him to go with LJ. Have Palmer as QB and SSmith as my top WR. 0/1 for huddle league. Drafted poorly and never recovered.
  14. Do you consider this cheating?

    I would hope the commish or league would do something to right the situation. I would much rather play with people that follow the spirit of a law the the letter of it. If you were blown off by the league I would hop on the WW and pick up and release EVERY player so that no one is able to pick anyone up. That should get some attention.
  15. Fantasy Advice

    Need some RB advice. Need 1 to start to go with LJ Dillon vs NYJ (Does he even play?) KJones vs MINN ( I think he is doubtful now) Fisher vs da Bears (3rd down back against a great D) Stecker vs TB (50 or 60 yds and a few recptions I think) Tiered scoring roughly 2 pts evry 25 yds. 1 point for every reception staring at 3. 6pt for TD Will be middle to low seed for playoffs. #2 in total points (30 pts back) Thanx for the help.
  16. Corey Dillon

    I'm looking hard at starting Dillon, but have been screwed over so many times this season. I have LJ going but need another RB. Have K Jones but he's been downgraded, Fisher is a 3rd down back and Stecker's a part timer.
  17. commish help

    If you charged for each WW pickup you might not have this problem. It would cost someone a little extra to change out their roster.
  18. Oh, the humanity! Carson's on a bye and there is no one out there. I drafted Harrington as my second QB but he stinks. Detroit is palying Arizona, though. The only possible pickups from the WW are Simms (against Wash), Batch (against Cleveland) and Bollinger (against Carolina). 6 pts. per TD need 200 yds before any points for yardage; 2 pts per 25 yards after that.
  19. Kevin Jones Trade

    I would go for it. I like KJ's schedule and he gets more carries than Moore. I don't think Williams has that much upside this year.