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  1. Stubhub is legit.

    Some tickets for sale are instant delivery. The seller has to input the tickets' barcode to sell them. Stubhub validates the bar code through the team. Once sold the hard tickets held by the seller are no longer any good. I would stick with those tickets.

  2. I have been wearing them for years. I like them. I just got a set of progressive bifocals with them. I kept my old set of prescription sunglasses (no up close correction) for really bright days or when I am driving.

  3. Some leagues choose certain bench players to be used as tie breakers: player x is 1st tie breaker, player y is second tie breaker, etc.

    One of my leagues using the whole bench except that if someone is on bye, the other team would not count their lowest scoring player (equal number of players for both teams in the tiebreaker). I don't like this method because some teams may draft marginal starters while other teams draft backups for injury prone players.


    You could go to digital scoring (I am assuming you dont have it because ties happen so rarely).



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  4. With no rule addressing it in advance, I would say it's a tie. You could see if they want to play again in week 17 with a tie breaker chosen. If one doesn't want to I would just make them co-champs.


    Week 17 superbowls suck because someteams could be resting players, so don't be surprised if one of them says no way.

  5. I am in two 12 team leagues. One has 4 divisions of 3 teams. You play your division twice and the other nine teams once for a thirteen week regular season. Four division winners and two wild cards make the playoffs.


    The other league has two 6 team divisions. You play every team once and 2 teams from your division an extra game. This is based on the standings from the previous year. The top three teams in a division play each other twice. The bottom three do the same. Again it is a 13 week schedule. Six teams make the playoffs- top two from each division and two wild cards.



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  6. We have a black lab. Bigger than yours but ours would be on the heavy side even if she wasn't a little overweight. Bailey is 7and a half. She is a great dog. She loves to play with a ball. Ours did rupture her equivelent of the ACL, when she was about 5 (some could be related to her weight some to the frenzy she would get herself in while playing). If you see her start to limp after some energetic play, take it easy for a while. I hope you enjoy the new pup.

  7. I drafted both Hightower and Wells. I expected Wells to be getting me the points, but he stays on the bench until he out performs Hightower for a couple of weeks. It is a keeper league (keep 4) so I went with a lot of young RBs.

  8. Made the playoffs in both of my leagues.


    ECB--3rd seed. 8-5 Doing it with smoke and mirrors. (4 wins by less than 6 points; 2 wins by less than 2 points)


    Local got the 6th (last seed) at 6-7 winning the tie breakers among 3 teams. Figured I was done when I was 4-6 so I traded away Brees for Slaton and a draft pick for next year(keeper league). He threw in Cassel and I threw in Sproles so we wouldn't have to make WW pickups to meet roster requirements. We meet this week in the playoffs.

  9. Why can't you go back and look? I know MFL purges non-essential data from older leagues, but I think there is a good chance your 2007 league messsage board is still intact. Have you actually looked or are you just assuming it's not there?



    I did go back and look and the message boards for last year were gone.


    It's a lesson learned and the tie breaker will be better defined so that this won't happen again.

  10. I am sure I did the partial elimination last year to determine seeding. Unfortunately it's my local and not a BOTH league so communications were on the MFL message board and are not there any more. So I can not go back there to show precedent.


    Another thought on a 3 way tie; what if the records were


    Team 1 3-1 (1-1 vs 2, 2-0 vs 3)

    Team 2 2-2 (1-1 vs 1, 1-1 vs 3)

    Team 3 1-3 (0-2 vs 1, 1-1 vs 2)


    Does Team 1 advance as a clear winner? Or do I eliminate the bottom team and do a two way tie breaker?