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  1. Matt Ryan or Danny dimes?

  2. Jeez rush as well
  3. Trade zeke

    That's a no for me as well....just cuz idk what's going to happen with Carson if hes gonna play or out the whole season. And I can't trust sf rbs either lol sorry
  4. Any diamonds in the rough?

    Drake with jacobs injury, maybe Ingram vulture a few td from Kamara and maybe Stevenson but that's more a Longshot
  5. Trade offer

    Half ppr....Been offered DK for Keenan Allen straight up? What u guys think? Would end up having 2 Seattle wrs.....and as a 49er fan that feels weird lol
  6. Flex Help

    Eli if he goes
  7. WDIS at Flex - Week 4

    Beasley....need to see the usage of Hubbard first before I toss him into a lineup
  8. WR/Flex help - PPR

    Jones and Gordon for me
  9. Flex Conundrum

    Half ppr Flex pick one thanks! Mattison vs Cle (if Cook is out) Claypool vs GB AB vs NE Edmonds vs LAR (leaning on benching him)
  10. Squad Advice

    Tried a chubb and a Robinson for Lockett and Henderson denied. Was maybe thinking of going for saquan straight up? Or maybe go for Gibson and Lamb? @Montana is da Man
  11. Squad Advice

    12 man half ppr Looking to try to bolster my squad. Am thinking of possibly packaging Lockett and Henderson Jr while I feel there price might be the highest. Who you guys think I could go for? (Leaning another RB) I offered Lockett and Henderson for A. Robinson and chubb but got rejected. Any ideas? Or stay put? Thx guys ✊🏼
  12. Which RB2 to start this weekend?

    There all ehhh but I guess I'd lean Tyson as well
  13. Flexin for the Laaaadies

    I agree ^
  14. What WRs 2 start??

    AB and lockett