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  1. Upgarde from Pittman I need a week 13 RB byeweek filler. (AH/dillon/AP all on bye) Hock is annoying to own, such a low floor with the lions This is my thinking. whats your opinon?
  2. WR: Kupp, lamb, toney, corey, OBJ, pittman RB: najee harris, AJ jones, Dillon, AP TE Hock, Pat, Logan IR
  3. I have Pat and Loga thomas as my TE Someone offered me Jefferson and Moss for Pittman, hock, and AP FULL PPR. DO i take this ?
  4. sKittle trade HELP!

    Help me Help you
  5. Full PPR. I dont really need TE but its a double flex. Trade my Pat muth and damien harris for kittle?
  6. Which guy will do best ROS full PPR I got a trade offer for both of them for Hockenson and a side piece. I am TE needy. should i ?
  7. So Toney, Golladay, and shepard are on waiver. Which has the best ROS? PPR
  8. mah bad. I am the OBJ kadarious owner.
  9. Yea. Someone offered me Hopkins for OBJ and kardarious. sorry for the confusion
  10. Someone offered me hopkins for OBJ and Toney. IM a Kupp owner. FULL PPR Do i do this?
  11. Trade the Bucs defense for calvin ridley?!!? i get rid.
  13. no one. i have the pats defense. while buccs on bye
  14. Would you trade Buccs defense for him? Iw ould have to stream
  15. I will be able to make the playoffs, and he is IR eligibility .