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    I know its basically over but i still got hope.. Need 24 points All i have is steelers defense lol.. but they do play cincy so maybe alittle possible lets go steelers defense!!!
  2. Mostert or Hunt

  3. Metcalf or aj brown?

    So brown or metcalf? Can only play 1
  4. PPR Flex and TE question

    Wilson Gesicki
  5. 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex

    Taylor akers Adams brown Sanders or woods
  6. Carr or Hill at QB

    True i did have brees didnt think he was an option at that time
  7. Brees??

    He gonna play 100 percent but one hard hit he could be out.
  8. Which QB is going to get me 25 points

    Just have options starting diggs and hill And have aj brown or brees to start instead metcalf in superflex spot
  9. Metcalf or aj brown?

    No i have diggs and hill starting this is for my superflex spot
  10. Which QB is going to get me 25 points

    I like russ out of choices But im scared to start metcalf lol
  11. Metcalf or aj brown?

    Scared of brees first game back
  12. Metcalf or aj brown?

    Yea i have diggs and hill in starting wr this is for my superflex
  13. Who's your best FF player of ALL TIME?

    Jamaal charles went ham for me in a semi finals got like 60 something points and i was down big won that then won championship was my first year playing. Hopkins and adams combo 2 years ago won me a championship also.