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  1. PPR Flex

    Scary terry
  2. Need help fast

    Who did u pick?
  3. Which RB SITS?

  4. QB start this week

  5. Who do i start in my rb2 slot

    Anyone else i need some help with this im torn with fournette out.. My other rb is james robinson
  6. Flex/QB/Def advice!

    Wilson Packers Fields
  7. Who do i start in my rb2 slot

    Trying to win the big bucks
  8. I am pretty hurt in my rb department and i just lost fournette! So who do i start? Dillion vs Cleveland Penny vs chicago Reynolds vs atl (if swift and williams out)
  9. Do i win?

    I am ahead by 55.5 points and i have a defensive player to go which will only get 5 if lucky.. So say i am ahead by 60 points The guy im playing has 3 ppl tonight R wilson D henderson OBJ Is he gonna catch me? Or am i good?
  10. Im pretty screwed.

    What kind of league is this a 4 team league lol wow.. cook, taylor, eckler, andrews, herbert..