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  1. Giants vs Washington (TNF)

    Well that was somethin
  2. Giants vs Washington (TNF)

    Bets on whether Jones has more rushing yards than passing by end of game
  3. Giants vs Washington (TNF)

    McKissic getting more work in this game. Not that I’m complaining since I’m playing against him this week but interesting.
  4. Why is this unfortunate? If it’s same league you can use both Gibson and Monty, like Finn and Montana said, right?
  5. Jump on it before his tizzy is over.
  6. Flex - pick 2

    Davis Mitchell
  7. Moore or Anderson?

    It’s early but looks like Moore.
  8. Ty'son Williams for Mike Evans?

    Who is this and what have you done with Champ!
  9. SF RB To have?

    Jesus Christ! To many threads flowing around about Mitchell, Williams, Sermon, Murray, they all sound the same to me now. Just give me Cordarrelle and I’ll go sit in a corner.
  10. SF RB To have?

    50/50 split carries but Williams did get 4 targets for 3 receptions. I’m holding my share of the Murray half for now. And like Red said Wilson will be back before long. Anyone got Shanahans # to ask him?
  11. Ravens RBs

    I’m guessing that you’re saying it’s Williams and maybe this is right but by the stats I’m not fully convinced. Williams 9-65-1 avg 7.2 Murray 10-28-1 avg 2.8 If you take away Williams’ run of 35 he was 8-30-1 avg 3.75. Not downplaying that but they were pretty similar running otherwise. He did have 3-4-29 receiving which is encouraging for a BAL rb. Not so encouraging was him missing a key pass block leading to Lamars sack/fumble in OT though. For only joining the team a few days ago Murray was involved a lot more than I expected and was definitely more than just to spell Williams. Williams may be the guy but I wouldn’t count Murray out yet. This may all just be wishful thinking since I have Murray and not Williams though. 🤔
  12. SF RB situation

    If you get him for free and don’t need the ir spot right now sure. Got nothing to lose. I’d be sure to drop him though if you need the space later.
  13. Need 12 from Carlson

    I was just going off of standard scoring on yahoo, but you’re right can’t really compare players scores wo knowing how others leagues are set up.
  14. Did kittle fumble?

    Ahhh. The delay of game snafu. That’s Monday night in Vegas for ya.