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  1. Trade thoughts

    I didn’t realize it until I just looked but he has M Brown so he probably won’t go for that. I don’t think I’m giving up Waddle so it’s likely down to Renfrow and Lockett. I know I’m overpaying adding either one.
  2. Trade thoughts

    Which wr would you part with if he wants a bit more?
  3. Trade thoughts

  4. Trade thoughts

    Kinda how I feel but he may want more in trade because of that. Not sure which wr I would want to give up.
  5. Trade?

    What’s your roster look like
  6. Higgins, Aiyuk, or Cooks - WR2

    Higgins for me
  7. RB quandary

    Nah Kyler. I might be afraid of another game like last week but I’d probably still go with Conner since it’s SEA but I’d be a little less certain.
  8. TE this week ?

  9. RB quandary

    Dillon Monty Conner for me. Might change to Ingram if Murray is out.
  10. Trade thoughts

    Mixon for Ceedee and Javonta Williams .5ppr qb, 3wr, 2rb, te, w/r/t, k, def State of my wrs right now: AJ, Waddle, Renfrow, Bateman, Lockett rbs: Cook, Mixon, Swift, Mattison, D’Ernest Do you think my 3 rb1s are enough to ride out and support my wr2 and wr3, or would you go for Ceedee? Also if trade would you rather lose Mixon or Swift?
  11. Atlanta D v Carolina

    Well, good luck.
  12. Packers vs Cardinals (TNF)

    What are you talking about? 20 ft vertical ain’t nuthin.
  13. Packers vs Cardinals (TNF)

    Yeah!!! That’s what I’m sayin! Playing against him this week. Oh that was sarcasm… awkward.
  14. Get Ekeler?