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  1. 1. Seattle 2. Chicago 3. Miami 4. Philly 5. Denver 6. Washington Thanks
  2. 2006 Survivor Challenge Week 5 -

    Denver Thank you
  3. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 4

    Philly Please WK 1 - Seattle WK 2 - Chicago WK 3 - Miami WK 4 - Philly
  4. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 3

    Miami please Thank you
  5. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 2

    My pick will be Chicago Bears Thanks Hugh
  6. Ronnie Brown owners

    Umm, perhaps you didn't see the superbowl, they won because the officials gave it to them.
  7. I got Witten mixed with Wiggins but I suppose you never make an error
  8. Trade......Wow

    I don't think you're over paying, Parker is all hype and Im so tired of hearing the name tag of Fast Willie, He is not the fastest man in football so lets give it a rest already. There is a reason he is not ranked in the top 10 of RB's. Palmer is a huge pick up. Palmer will score way more fantasy points than parker You just have to decide if you can afford to part with a #2 RB. If I were in your league I would personally veto this trade.
  9. RB or WR in 2nd Rd?

    This has been discussed about 10,000 times for the past several weeks. You should go RB/RB or you will lose out on decent RB's. Let someone else take the Receivers, then you can watch them cry before or during the playoffs. You need RB's
  10. would you do this trade

    That is a good one, One player trying to give you little for alot Keep Bulger Brees is def not an upgrade. Parker would be nice, the guy obviously wants D. Williams, Offer him R. Williams and D. Williams for Parker. You can find another receiver, Roy Williams is not an upper tier receiver. D. Williams is a stud, but will he get the start? If he does, what are his possibile numbers 12 TD's? Parker should top that. Remeber Carolina throws alot also, that is how S. Smith became so popular If you could get Parker you would be set at RB with Johnson, Parker, Taylor and maroney
  11. Rudi

    HE IS A TOP 10 BACK before Perry being put on the PUP.
  12. Kennison trade

    Seriuosly, I wouldn't give you a wooden nickel for Kennison. Everone wants D. Williams because he is going to be a STUD do not get rid of him. He was most likely hoping to get Foster then Williams but someone beat him to it in the draft. That person is you. When you have a valuable commodoity you have to treat it as such. We live in a society that if you want something bad enough you'll pay for it. I would have to see his roster but I would ask for a solid RB to replace Williams. You do not have a good Backup RB, A. Green is a busted knee waiting to happen. Droughns has legal issues that could cause problems towards the end of the season. Barber is a coin toss between J. jones and himself. Williams should be the Starter on that team Don't give him away for a garbage receiver
  13. Need your advice on this trade!

    I would jump all over that, I do not trust the tweety birds, the Cardnals have always been a suck team This year will be no different James will get alot of touches but Rudi has the advanced feature of Palmer and his offense weapons.
  14. Gabriel to NE...impact?

    Let me just say the Raiders suck They will be lucky to win 6 games this year and as for Gabriel, if he was any good they wouldn't have gotten rid of him. Porter and Gabriel made some big plays last year, but compared to the WR's in the NFL they are just average WR's, nothing special. Speaking of nothing special, Aaron Brooks is the QB
  15. Sit/Start

    It amazes me every year how so many Fantasy Football people rely on everyone elses cheat sheets, everyone elses opinions and even some elses sit/start lists. Im not trying to be negative here but picking your starters should be pretty easy to do if you know anything about football and the players.