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  1. # 1 pick Playoff League

    Yes the Superbowl counts. Format is as follows. Round 1- The top 4 scoring teams after the first 2 playoff rounds advance to Round 2. Round 2- Scores reset to zero and the top 2 scoring teams from the Championship playoff games only advance to the final Round 3- Scores reset to zero and the top scoring team from the Superbowl only wins.
  2. Who should I draft with the number 1 pick? It's a 6 point passing TD league. I've narrowed it down to 3 and here are my concerns with each: Rodgers- He can only play 3 games at most since he has a 1st round bye. But I think the Packer are poised to make it to the SB. Brady- He may have a hard time without Godwin and Brown. Also, if the Bucs make it to the NFC title game I like the Packers over them. Mahomes- He may not be forced to throw much, also the Chief will probably face the Bills in the second round and I'm not confident they win that game.
  3. Jackson or Wilson

    .5 PPR league. Who should I go with? The Titan's run defense is no joke but Wilson is the unquestioned RB1. On the other hand, Houston is pretty bad at stopping the run and Ekeler is trending toward not playing.
  4. The trade deadline in my league is on Sunday. I feel that I have a solid team with the exception of my Superflex spot. Currently in 3rd place in a 12 team, 6 point passing TD league, so QBs are very valuable. Here's my team: QB- Mahomes RB- McCaffey RB-Montgomery WR- Diggs WR- Metcalf TE- Hockenson Flex- T. Lawrence DEF- Cleveland K- Prater Bench- Roethlisberger, Tyrod Taylor, E. Mitchell, J. Wilson Jr., Beckham, Hubbard Thinking of sending the following proposals out. 1) Lawrence and Mitchell for Hurts (This team has Gordon and M. Davis as RBs), or 2) Lawrence and Beckham for Carr (This teams WRs are C. Davis, M. Jones, and D. Smith). I'd love to get Hurts, but my only reservation is that it leaves me in a bind for week 13 with CMC on a bye, and by giving up Mitchell I'd be taking the L that week and also giving up the chance for a playoff bye since I am 2 games out of second place with 4 games to go. What sets me up best?
  5. Roster help

    Thank you. I went ahead and picked up Robinson and was able to get Zeke. Also, picked up Dak for a minimal amount and dropped Burrow.
  6. Roster help

    I’m in a PPR Guillotine league with only 1 bench spot. 12 teams left. Due to the bye week and poor planning by other managers, JRob, Dak, and J. Herbert are available to pick up. Since I’m guaranteed to advance, I’m going to drop my defense and pick one up, but who should I grab? FYI, Zeke will become available on waivers, since he’s on the team that was the low scorer, so I plan on putting a big FAAB bid on him. Here’s my roster: QB- Burrow WR- Adams WR- Hopkins RB- Hubbard RB- D. Williams (KC) TE- Pitts Flex- McLaurin DEF- NO Bench- Diggs
  7. Kareem Hunt

    Trade Hunt and Mattison for D.J. Moore, E. Mitchell, and Shenault? My RBs are CMC, JRob, Hunt, D. Harris, Mattison, and R. Jones. My WRs are Diontae Johnson, Woods, Jeudy, J. Meyers, and Devonta Smith. .5 PPR
  8. Been offered D.J. Moore, Shenault, and Michel for Hunt and Devonta Smith. 12 team .5 PPR. I like D.J. a lot, but know that his volume could take a hit with CMC coming back. Also with Hunt, I know he can have blow-up weeks like the last two, but he is also capable of more pedestrian numbers. My team is as follows: QB- Dak RB- CMC RB- JRob WR- Woods WR- Diontae Johnson TE- Gesicki Flex- Hunt K- Carlson D- Tampa Bench- D. Harris, Mattison, Jeudy, D. Smith, J. Meyers, R. Jones
  9. Trade Hunt

    Next week forward I'll be starting McCaffrey and JRob as my RBs. My flex options would be D. Harris, Hunt, D. Smith, J. Meyers, and Jeudy (when he's back off of IR).
  10. Trade Hunt

    Alternatively, I could try to deal for Kittle, but I don't know if the Kittle owner would go for it.
  11. Trade Hunt

    JRob, D. Harris, and Mattison are my other RBs.
  12. Trade Hunt

    Currently 1-3 in a 12 team .5 PPR league. My RBs are CMC, JRob, Hunt, Damien Harris, and Mattison. With CMC most likely returning next week, I was thinking of offering Hunt for Pitts. Geisicki is my current TE, and it looks like the Pitts owner is over him since he picked up both Schultz and Knox, and is not starting Pitts this week. Should I try to make this trade?
  13. Acquire Chuba?

    I'm a McCaffrey owner that missed out on Chuba. The guy who got him told me he is interested in Hock. I was thinking of offering him Hock, Montgomery, and Z. Moss for Chuba, Ekeler, and Gesicki. It's a 12 team Superflex PPR League. I'm currently 2-1, and I'm wondering if I should just stay put and ride out Moss until McCaffrey is back. My team is: QB- Mahomes RB- Moss RB- Montgomery WR- Diggs WR- Lamb TE- Hockenson Flex- Heinicke K- Carlson DEF- Bengals BENCH- McCaffrey, Pats, Julio Jones, Sutton, Roethlisberger, Fitzpatrick IR- Jeudy
  14. Thoughts on Roster

    So I just made a trade for Christian McCaffrey in my Superflex league. League scoring is PPR and Passing TDs are worth 6 points. I shipped out my 3rd QB as part of the McCaffrey trade, what should I do to fill that void? Bid the moon on Heinicke (Waivers are done through FAAB)? Try to trade for a lesser 3rd QB? Stay pat and wait for something better to come along on the waiver wire as the season progresses. As it stands, Heinicke is the only viable starter on the wire. Team is as follows: QBs- Mahomes, Roethlisberger RBs- McCaffrey, Montgomery, Conner, and Murray WRs- Diggs, Lamb, Sutton, Devonta Smith, Shenault, Jeudy (IR slot) TE- Hock K- Blankenship D- Colts
  15. Wentz?

    Start Roethlisberger or Wentz? Superflex league with 6 point passing TDS.