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  1. Miami D or Buffalo D?

    I'm gonna fire up Miami. F it. Good luck bro
  2. Miami D or Buffalo D?

    I wanna start Miami I just hate starting duds prior to Sunday
  3. Miami tonight vs raiders Or Buffalo at Patriots
  4. Championship Flex???????

    Exactly what I want
  5. Zeke/Pollard (whoever starts) vs Eagles Or Aiyuk vs Cards
  6. Championship defense?

    @League_ChampionI like Miami as well I’m not sure why they’re projected low points
  7. Miami at Raiders without Carr Buffalo at New England?
  8. Championship Tight End?

    Agreed thank you
  9. Logan Thomas vs Carolina Or Hunter Henry vs Denver? I’ve been starting Henry all year but somebody dropped Thomas and he had 13 targets last week
  10. Miles Sanders or Aiyuk?????

    @gijoerock that's my gut also
  11. Aiyuk versus the Cowboys and a great match up or Miles Sanders against the Cardinals. Sanders had a good game last week but if you subtract is 82 yard touchdown he had 13 carries for 33 yards. Is Aiyuk a safer play?
  12. Can I fit Aiyuk in this lineup?

    @dirtyharry319 not PPR. I just don't know if I can bench Sanders. He was on the field the whole game last week. Maybe coverage will shift to Aiyuk? Such a tough decision.