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  1. I was offered Gibson for Kupp straight up. What y'all think? Look at my team in the attached photos
  2. Pick up which TE???

    I drafted Gesicki. Not looking good for him. Which one of these do I go with?
  3. Defense ....Which one?????

    Yeah it's set up well for sure
  4. Defense ....Which one?????

    @League_Champion so u like Miami? Lol thanks
  5. New England vs Miami Miami vs New England Green Bay vs Saints New York Giants vs Denver What y'all think????
  6. Miami D or Buffalo D?

    I'm gonna fire up Miami. F it. Good luck bro
  7. Miami D or Buffalo D?

    I wanna start Miami I just hate starting duds prior to Sunday
  8. Miami tonight vs raiders Or Buffalo at Patriots
  9. Championship Flex???????

    Exactly what I want
  10. Zeke/Pollard (whoever starts) vs Eagles Or Aiyuk vs Cards
  11. Championship defense?

    @League_ChampionI like Miami as well I’m not sure why they’re projected low points
  12. Miami at Raiders without Carr Buffalo at New England?
  13. Championship Tight End?

    Agreed thank you