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  1. I'm ready to trade, lets get some offers out there.....

    1. devilwoman


      Zeke is available....

  2. Hi DW,


    To get your Taxi Squad in line with PnH rules (Max 4 Off Players), I dropped Perry, Malcolm MIA RB, your last Off Rookie selected in the draft, and brought Gandy-Golden, Antonio WAS WR up off the Taxi Squad.  If you would prefer a different way of fixing your squad, and can let me know before kickoff in 2.5 hours, I will make it happen.

    Just let me know.  You could drop someone else from your roster, and/or bring a different Off player up.  Your call.  i just needed to get it fixed while I had the time this morning.

    1. devilwoman


      I'd like to keep Perry if it too late to add Perry and drop Isabella?  I dont see that either scored any points...sorry for the problem.  Let me know thanks.

  3. Saints owner here wondering if you have any interest in your homer TE?  I have an interest in Brian Burns DE...let me know if you are interested...

  4. live in Bend Oregon???  I live in Redmond...



  5. is it me or did something change ?

    I like it...ALOT!!
  6. HD DVD game disc

  7. HD DVD game disc

    Anyone have a DVD disc resurfacer or know what brand would be a good one to purchase. Thanks.
  8. Titans Sign Herndon

    Best wishes to the Titans...and oh be very, very scared come 3-4 minutes left in the 4th quarter and the game is close by a TD or so. Big play Herndon...that's what we called him...and that's not because he would make the big play...just so there's no confusion about that.
  9. A women's league

    Sounds good
  10. Vick is all done

    Could be that Vick might be the little man in all this mess leading to the "BIG MAN" the feds are really looking for which none of us as of yet, has heard about. With all this evidence that seems to be mounting up, if Vick isn't brought up on charges and doesn't go to jail then I think it will be because he rolled over on the next "big guy" in line with this dog fighting mess....we will see what happens. fixed
  11. Buc question

    Here's a big wet one for ya BJ.... some how that doesn't sound right... Anyway thanks for the correction...
  12. Buc question

    ...will that give new life to Clayton?? edit: sorry the Headline should read Buc....sorry Tampa fans!!!
  13. I fell dirty for asking this,, but...

    I agree a big NO here. I am not a fan of ebay, haven't been of over a year. I have had nothing but bad experiences. My last 3 transactions were nothing but a pain. Had to go through their resolutions process each of those times and I never did get what I paid for, but did manage to get my $ back. They were not big items but enough to matter to me and it was the principal of the deals. Frankly any business who allows someone to take advantage of another is no buisness I want to take part of. I know of a guy who bid on a laptop for over 500.00. When come to find out it was a picture of a laptop he actually purchased. Now I know you NEED TO READ THE FINE PRINT. But the intention here is clear of the owner of the laptop picture was trying to do. Clear intent to fraud someone with the excuse that you "didn't read the fine print" clause. Not for if this can be allowed to happen, I would by no means trust any food products of any kind...too many dishonest people. Ok jumping off of soapbox now.
  14. donations sent...thanks muck for the email address...