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  1. Buccaneers vs. Cowboys (TNF)

    ...what is the problem behind Ke'Shawn Vaughn anyway? Jones looked horrific and Fournette has rocks for hands....yet Ke'shawn is inactive...that is just so weird. Bruce Arians is just weird...that whole running back situation is crazy.
  2. Buccaneers vs. Cowboys (TNF)

    dang Mike Evans....
  3. The Race to 1,000,000 honoree

    way to go Big John!!! Congrats!!
  4. Redraft League which QB to stream

  5. Freiermuth :)

    exactly, he wouldn't be my starter...but more of a flex possibiltiy...thanks.....
  6. Freiermuth :)

    Well he seems to like Muth and has compared him to Miller so maybe there will be more targets to TE especially Muth!!??
  7. Wentz or Roethlisberger who would you draft. I already have Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins....
  8. LOL

  9. Taking a flyer on a RB

    I like Booker and Stevenson...Booker because they want to ease Barkley in, and give him some will be running back by committe there...similar to Chubb and Hunt, but that is just my opinion. And Rhamondre...the sky is the limit to his upside...he runs like Marshawn Lynch...again just my opinion...he is going to be a star in this league...but we'll see if the Pats really give him a chance...I think is the RB2 in New England...with possible RB1 potential.
  10. Freiermuth :)

    Is it on this website?
  11. Freiermuth :)

    what league are you in? Keeper or redraft?
  12. Freiermuth :)

    exactly...he was an animal at Penn...and he is one tall dude. And he really prides himself in not dropping ANY balls...I really like this kid. And if he can find separation I think Ben will use him alot. Maybe the next Gronk??? He is going to be one of the surprises of 2021, I think!! and apparently so does the guy who took him in the 6th round.
  13. Freiermuth :)

    Will he be Ben's Red Zone go to? He seems to be a human vacuum in the end zone...gotta like that so far
  14. LOL

    Even us pirates dunt believe dis... now don't git me wrong...he could be a mattie at some point, but even without the rum...I could neverrrrr believeeee only 2 interceptions on the year.....
  15. Pirate requuuuest

    ARRRR me matties, Capt'n DMD has formed his likeness into a pirate....sees, what ye think of dis?