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  1. Start Carr over Rodgers?

    You drunk ?
  2. As much as i like Indy and Manning.............The Bears put a beating on him.......... Da Bears !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you in Miami...........................................
  3. Keep which 3 ? all
  4. Need keeper help.....

  5. Keep which 3 ?

    I'm in a td and yardage league, which of the 3 would you keep. I can keep 4, but P.Manning is my other keeper...... J. Addai F.Gore Andre Johnson Maurice Jones-Drew Thanks
  6. Which RB's to keep ?

    I'm in a td and yardage league. Rb's are very heavy in our 12 team league. Which of the following 4 would you keep ??? S.Jackson- No Brainer D.McCallister- R.Busch ?????? T.Bell- Who starts in Den ? L.Maroney-future starter J.Norwood-future starter DeAngelo Williams- starter/injuries ?????? Thanks
  7. wdis @ RB

    I would go with Taylor....
  8. Who to start ?

    I'm in a performance scoring type league. I'm having trouble on who to start. D. McCallister Vs TB or L.Maroney Vs MINN also L.Coles Vs MIA or J.Cotchery Vs MIA Thanks........
  9. Trade Cotchery for Moss?

    Moss is done, unless he gets out of Oakland........
  10. Gore or Taylor

    I'd go with Gore...
  11. should i trade chad

    You shoudn't even have to think about it.....
  12. CAR @ CHI

    All i can say is good luck to you. In my opinion, carolina will not make it out of chicago....They will blitz the s#it out of Jake. I think the result will be just like the last game....
  13. CAR @ CHI

    I was at the game the last time they played. Despite the score, Chicago dominated them. Smith is the panthers only weapon. Taked him out of the game, and the Panthers are done. Foster will not run on the bears D. And don't forget, Grossman might not be an elite Qb, but he definetly can spread the field out better than Orton. So the bears should be able to get their running game going. Bears 20-Carolina 13
  14. wdis

    R.Droughns has been producing the entire year. Yes he is going against a tough D, but i would stick with him