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  1. Who's it gonna be? Evan Engram questionable with Mccoy vs. the tight end friendly Browns, or J Cook with no Michael Thomas and Brees vs. KC?
  2. .5PPR 12 team league: Flex: Pittman or P. Barber? FA options: M. Williams, J. Jeudy, B. Perriman, S. Shepard (Although I'm already starting Engram.) Defense: Currently have the Panthers starting. FA options: Cowboys, Cardinals, Bengals, Titans, Texans Should I make any changes? Thanks in advance!
  3. Week 13 lineup help

    .5 PPR. So probably won’t make plays offs unless a miracle scenario happens, but incentives will have me playing to win till the very end. Have a few dilemmas: QB: I have josh Allen as my one QB. I am scared of his match ups down the stretch, is trubisky, Goff, wentz, mayfield, stafford worth starting over Allen this week? Or just ride these touch matchups out? TE: have engram, he had a nice game but Jones might be out. Think he’ll be ok with McCoy at QB? Or should I grab Rudolph, firsker or Schultz. DROP: I have golladay, kittle, and John brown burning a fat hole in my bench/IR. I’m thinking about dropping brown for more depth. You guys think brown worth keeping down the stretch? My other startable receivers are mclaurin, Pittman, Corey Davis thanks in advance
  4. What to do with Kenny G???

    I have Golladay as well and less depth at WR than your squad but trying to keep him if that helps. Gotta hope he saves the day down the stretch!
  5. Dobbins or Booker

  6. .5PPR Flex Help

    Zack Moss or Corey Davis at Flex .5PPR. Thanks in advance!
  7. bryan hill or mostert today

    Hill seems to be the safer play given SF's injury situation
  8. Quick RB change

    Def pick up Monty
  9. Happy thanksgiving Irish! help me decide on flex. Zack Moss or Kerryon Johnson (hoping for turkey day magic here) .5PPR
  10. What should i do for my team?

    Have a similar choice between Stafford and smith and I’m going Smith this week. Too risky with his injury and depleted offensive weapons.
  11. Thanks for the input! Yeah it’s a toughie. The thing that makes it hard is even if I dropped kittle for a streamer, my opponent has a very solid team, and there’s virtually zero chance unless I’m very lucky and he’s unlucky. I would most likely lose and have wasted kittle in the first place. Ill hold for now. Hopefully a definitive update on kittle comes sooner than later. bump for more opinions!
  12. 12 team half PPR. so golladay is out again, and I need a fill in for week 11. My bench is full with BYE/injured players that I Probably shouldn’t drop. What’s your take on Kittle? Is he droppable? The dilemma for me is regardless of if i make playoffs or not, it matters that I still win. He can definitely help out if they bring him back for playoff time. would you drop kittle for a week 11 streamer or am I crazy to leave TE slot open or Defense for a weekly streamer? (My starting te is higgbee and have saints defense. Nothing good on waiver wire.) teams been on life support all year long, I really appreciate any thoughts!
  13. Who to drop to add QB?

    Is it possible to wait another week to see what happens with hills TE eligibility? Or is QB shallow enough that you need to snag Jones now? hill could be the drop if you can wait. Or I guess if not, I’d probably go hooper since TE is already a manureshow.