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    Just added Cobb Due to our friend Mr. Covid.🀬🀬🀬 No Adam's this week πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ€―🀯🀬🀬 I have Hardman & T.Boyd which 2 gets the start and leave the odd man out on the bench???
  2. Which RB2 full Ppr

    Yeah that's what I'm hoping my season has been manure anyway
  3. Which RB2 full Ppr

    Should I stick with Herbert or roll the dice with Hines or Gaskins???
  4. Trading Lamar and Tyler Boyd.

    Thanks I just hate loosing because 1 or 2 ppl don't punch the clock for work each week.
  5. I'm 0-3 and thinking of trying change up things I'm looking to trade Lamar and my 3rd wr for a top RB or Wr. Like Hopkins or Chubbs. What u think team just under performing by a few points.
  6. Trading Lamar and Tyler Boyd.

    Also Lamar is Lamar and we are in a keeper league I can't keep him but if I trade him they can keep him in the 5th for the next 3 yrs. That's a good trade off to recieve a top tier earner.
  7. Trading Lamar and Tyler Boyd.

    I feel like upgrading for another WR 1 would set me up to make a push. Or adding a RB an ppl will bite on Lamar. I've lost 3 gms by a total of 20points. Just thinking that Teddy or Derek Carr could offset those Lamar points in gaining another top earner.
  8. TE help

    Should I roll with Noah Fant or Zach Ertz today???
  9. I dropped him smh first td since week 2 my luck hopefully Cole K has a decent gm
  10. Defense?

    What if you have Ravens D???
  11. Semi's Kicker

    Have Lutz but his usage with Hill at QB has gone way down. Picked up J.Slye since he has been 8+ points the past weeks. With Brees back in the lineup should I give Lutz a go or Stick with Slye against the Packers?
  12. I'm excited about Cole Kmets upside. He's in on 75% of pass plays and has great hands
  13. Semi's Kicker

    Yeah I just can't go another week with 3 points from him.
  14. Thanks thats what I had in mind and yeah let's just pray they can bring me home to the finals. How u like Higgins from Cleveland these last few weeks??
  15. Have Henry Mosert J.Rob Davis at RB. Which 3 out of the 4 gets the start? Also should I roll with Lutz with Brees back or J. Syle Thanks Irish
  16. Dropping Deebo, thinking of dropping Fant, Slayton Boyd maybe even mostert depending on Mri. #1 waiver thinking of getting another kicker cuz Lutz without Brees ain't cutting it. Grabbing another D maybe billz but keeping ravens for week 16 giants match up. And going after a flex wr but hoping the panthers shut down CMC Any thoughts??? Thanks
  17. Thanks πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
  18. Hows it going Irish would you go with Any other defense this week other than the Ravens??? Have JRob going and don't like 2 double dip or spread the points between Stud player and defense. Available is Miami, Buffalo or Tennessee??? Keeping Ravens aswell for championship against the Giants aswell.
  19. Need Help #1 Waiver Full PPR

    Would u start agholor over Pittman jr???
  20. Need Help #1 Waiver Full PPR

    I just hate double dipping since I have Jrob going and obviously I want him 2 score more td's that would drop my defense score.
  21. Need Help #1 Waiver Full PPR

    What u think aswell Ravens Def against Jax? Or pick up Buffalo or Tennessee
  22. Need Help #1 Waiver Full PPR

    So If CMC plays out of who's on the bench who would u play or should I go after Agholor aswell?
  23. #1 waiver

    I'm 10-2 first in the league. I picked up Carr last week an we know how that went. Have Jackson on the bench because Covid. Should I use my waiver on K.Cousins who's been hot or give Carr the benefit of the doubt an wait for Jackson to return???