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  1. Derrick Henry

    Say it ain't so 🤦‍♀️
  2. .5 PPR Already starting Mattison and Jamaal Williams.
  3. What do you need MNF Pit vs. Chi

    Najee under 10 pts 🙏
  4. Throwing darts week 9

    My lineup looks like I picked names out of a hat 🤦‍♀️ between bye weeks and injuries (RIP Henry) it's gonna be a rough week. Not confident JRob plays and even if he did, the matchup is terrible. Any advice?
  5. Henry Ruggs

  6. McNichols worth going after?

    The Titans are bringing in Adrian Peterson for a workout this week so that could add a little upside to the situation.
  7. What do you need Monday Night

    50 pts between Mahomes and Butker. Prayers up 🙏
  8. What do you need tonight - Week 7 MNF

    I've got Metcalf and NO D/ST and my opponent has Lockett. Currently down by 12. Not confident either of these receivers have a good day so fingers crossed NO D goes off.
  9. Who to start between AJ Dillon and Devonta Freeman? Currently have Dillon in the slot and praying he vultures a TD from Jones. Right choice?
  10. Right Tight End

    I couldn't confidently start Ertz his first week with AZ, especially if you have Goedert as the other option. And like Cloose said, too many mouths to feed. Down the line, though, I can see him being a top 5 TE there
  11. Pitts or Ertz?

    Pitts. I'm giving it a couple weeks with Ertz in Arizona to see how/if they utilize him.
  12. Bills vs Titans (MNF)

    Match up proof Henry saving my fantasy week 🙌
  13. What do you need tonight - Week 6 MNF

    Well that should seal the deal 💪
  14. What do you need tonight - Week 6 MNF

    6 points from King Henry. Had a 99% chance of winning last week until Mark Andrews decided to pop off, lost by .24 pts 😒 so I can't be confident I'll pull off the win just yet, especially against this stout Bills D
  15. Week 5 Milk Carton

    Shenault with 0 targets. Thank God Cook was inactive, I slid Mattison into my flex and benched Shenault, but wonder what's going on there.
  16. Defense this week

    Raiders vs CHI or Broncos vs PIT I was set on the Raiders all week but that Denver D is just so enticing 🤔
  17. Metcalf is expected to see a whole lot of Jalen Ramsey tonight, so I can see why Lockett is ranked a bit higher. I'm all about not sitting your studs, so I'm starting Metcalf regardless, and I think you should do the same with Lockett. Yes, it's a short week and he's recovering, but Russ is gonna throw the ball all day to keep up with the Rams offense.
  18. Stephon Gilmore released

    Turn of events, traded to Carolina!
  19. Yahoo app with divisions

    Thanks for the explanation everyone!
  20. Yahoo app with divisions

    This is the first year our league is playing divisions. Can someone explain how the standings work? Shouldn't my team (Rollin' with Mahomies) be in 2nd? Not sure if it has to do with divisional vs non-divisional wins.
  21. Source for live injury report

    I use the app Fantasy Life, I get a notification almost immediately after the player goes down. Then it keeps me updated with their progress or regression
  22. This'll be a close one

    Can't make this stuff up. I was about to lose by .24 pts because of that Succop field goal. Forgot that Brady loses .1 yds every kneel down, so I won by .06 pts in the end 😳
  23. This'll be a close one

    I'm up about 15 points heading into tonight's game. He's got Brady and Succop and I've got Evans left to play. Not super confident cause we all know Brady's going to flex super hard tonight. With Gronk out though, that should give a slight boost to Evans' target share. Thoughts?
  24. This'll be a close one

    That missed FG def helps