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  1. I dont think the trade would be bad. You get a top QB. A receiver is only as good as the QB throwing it to him and I can't say the Dalton is that much better Cousins.
  2. TD only league: Andy Dalton or Ryan Tannehill?

    Tannehill is the safer start for now. I'd have to see Dalton run the offense for a game or two before I put my season in his hands.
  3. Oh yeah, 14 teams usually means slim pickings. Stafford can put up great numbers, the problem is just inconsistency. You might have to stream the 2 based on matchups.
  4. If you are not able to trade for a QB, is there anyone available on Waivers/FA list. They're no Dak, but a Tannehill or Herbert could help soften the blow.
  5. Should I make a move or stay put?

    The one reason I'm thinking of staying put is due to being banged up and not having everyone available. I think I just might be reacting to losing the last 2 weeks and Ryan being terrible both weeks. I'm probably going to bench or drop Ryan.
  6. Should I make a move or stay put?

    1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Def, 1 D player
  7. Help me pick a WR and a flex

    I'd go with Crowder and Drake.
  8. Right now I am 2-3 and in 8th place (out of 10) Do I need to make any moves? 1pt/ 20 rush-rec yrds/25 yard passing .1/ PPR 6pt/ TDs We also play 1 player on Defense QB- Ryan, Herbert WR- Adams, Golladay, D Parker, Chark, Jeudy RB- Cook, J Taylor, J Robinson, David Johnson, Montgomery, Mattison TE- Ertz K- Bailey Def- Patriots D- LB Lavonte David (TB)
  9. Which WR to start

    My receivers have been hit by injuries. Chark (Out) Adams (Doubtful) Golladay (Questionable) Jeudy (Questionable) I already played Parker on Thursday because he's my only healthy WR. Should I take a chance starting Golliday or Jeudy or pick up someone like Russell Gage?
  10. WW Running Back Shuffle...

    I'd go right in the order you listed. If Akers or Brown miss time with their injuries, Henderson will get the bulk of the carries. McKinnon will also get his touches. Then Kelley who gets touches but is clearly behind Eckler.
  11. I know how you feel. I've been in a couple leagues and I've never known my position until draft day. I do mock drafts with different positions top, middle, bottom to try and get a general idea who might be available. I also check out player rankings. Ultimately I go with the best available when it's my turn to draft.
  12. Keeper help

    My draft position is random, so I dont know yet. We are now a 10 team league (lost 2 teams). Right now I'm leaning to a no, but still might say yes.
  13. Keeper help

    My commissioner just decided to add the keeper option. And I'm debating on 2 players. Should I keep Devante Adams and lose my 1st Rd pick? Also is Adam Thielen worth losing a 3rd Rd pick?
  14. WR Boyd RB Bell I want to go OBJ just because I dont know if I can trust the others, but Armstead is an intriguing gamble.
  15. Week 17 help for the Championship!

    The Cowboys need to win for a chance at the playoffs. You have to think Dak would be playing hard. Jones is a good option and he put up amazing numbers against Washington last week. It's basically a boom or bust guess on which RB to use. I'd say Williams or Washington. The texans should play at the same time as the Chiefs, so Hopkins should be playing. If they are scoreboard watching though and KC goes up big, they might pull starters. That is your gamble on that one.