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  1. Need some help

    I like Mahomes and Chubb. Not sure about the Sanders part though. If not that, Brady, Evans and Chubb. And Thomas over Evans
  2. Championship RB help

    In my 17 week league, top 3 get money. The guy that played Hurts, lost 3rd place by 5 points.
  3. I want to thank everyone who helped or gave any advice this season. I was able to get 1st place in both my leagues. I especially want to thank Montana, who I believe has commented on every one of my questions and League Champion who also comments on most of my posts. See all of you next season.
  4. Need advice for championship.

    Normally I'd go Murray in a must win situation, but I'm not sure the extent of his injury. Hurts might be the safer bet. Was going to say McKissic, but saw standard scoring, I guess Gallman.
  5. This might get long. First league finished last week with me winning the championship for the 2nd time in 3 years. Thanks for all your help. Now my 2nd league goes all 17 weeks and I'm going for a 3-peat. My team is dropping like flies. I'm only allowed 2 transactions per week. I'm probably going to need a TE. I was going to replace Jones, but now might have to start him and pick up a flex. Thanks in advance. .1 PPR/ 20 yrds rush/Rec= 1point QB Herbert (@KC) WR Adams (@Chi), Jones Jr (vMin) RB Montgomery (vGB), Taylor (vJax) TE Flex K Myers (@SF) Def Seattle (@SF) IDP David (vAtl) Bench RB Cook (out), Robinson (out), Akers (Questionable) WR Golladay (out), J Meyers, Coutee TE Reed, Goedert (out) Available on FA list WR Shepard, Gallup, Crowder, Antonio Brown RB Darrel Williams, Perine (Cin), Mattison (Questionable), Moss, Ty Johnson, Ogunbowale TE Ertz, Hooper, Irv Smith, Hurst, Schultz, Kmet, Graham
  6. Who to flex?

    That is my only concern, but I'm also taking the gamble and starting Gaskin in my flex spot. The Raiders give up a lot of points to RBs and I'm hoping Gaskin will still get his even if he splits with Ahmed.
  7. Flex help. Start Jeff Wilson

    With the 1st one, I tend to go with RBs more due to guaranteed touches (even though the 49ers O-Line is a mess). If you're leaning WR, I'd choose Godwin over Hilton. The 2nd one might be more of a gamble, bit McKissic is a PPR machine.
  8. Which 1 RB would you start week 16 full ppr

    Of those 4, I'd start Gaskin. He has a favorable matchup. The only concern is if he'll be in a committee with Ahmed.
  9. Which QB ?

    I feel you cant go wrong either way. I like Murray a little more though.
  10. If Gibson Plays...

    It depends on who your other options are. It's hard to trust someone to come back at full game speed after missing multiple weeks. If he's all you have, go ahead and start him.
  11. Assuming all are healthy and starting Fournette Gaskin Pollard
  12. In the Championship game and have a few questions. Here is my team (bold is starters) QB Allen, Herbert WR Adams, Hopkins, AJ Brown, Antonio Brown, McLaurin, Dionte Johnson RB Henry, Montgomery, Dobbins (Flex), Conner, Gaskin TE Hurst K Bass Def Indianapolis, Cleveland My question is do I start Allen in a hard matchup against NE or Herbert in an easier matchup against Den. Do I start Indianapolis against Pittsburgh And should I keep Dobbins as my Flex Thanks in advance for any advice.
  13. Jeff Wilson or Mostert

    I guess the answer is Wilson as Mostert is back on IR
  14. QB WDIS???

    Big Ben. The Steelers love to throw the ball and they are playing the Bengals. I know every week is different, but he put up good fantasy numbers the last time they met.
  15. Need Help for a QB Decision

    I'd lean toward Big Ben. He put up good fantasy numbers the last time he played the Bengals and the Steelers like to throw. There is still some uncertainty with Hurts, but he will get you rushing yards.