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  1. Which QB to start

    Hurts vs NO Tua vs NYJ I don't have many good options available.
  2. Well, crap.

    He is easily a 1st pick kind of player. If you know your draft position early, then maybe you can gamble and keep someone else and draft him. If you're not 1st or maybe 2nd, then keep him. I have him too and will almost certainly keep him for next season
  3. Matt Ryan

    It depends on who the someone else is, but I'd go with most QBs over Ryan right now. Especially in a matchup against New Orleans.
  4. Pitts or Ertz?

    Which TE should I start? Ertz vs HOU Pitts vs MIA
  5. WR start/sit question

    I usually don't like starting 2 receivers on the same team, but the Lions are a good matchup. I'd sit Robinson. The Bears offense hasn't really been clicking.
  6. WDIS DST?

    I think Arizona would be the better start. I'm going to try and get them too.
  7. The only Jags player that has been somewhat consistent and playable is Robinson. Any other player is boom or bust (mostly bust). If you can find someone better or more consistent, I'd drop him.

    League #2 .1 PPR 1pt 10 yrds rush & rec/25 yrds pass 5 pt TD Pass QB Hurts, Winston WR Stefon Diggs, Justin Jefferson, Mike Evans, DeVonta Smith, Hollywood Brown RB Alvin Kamara, James Robinson, Zack Moss, Damien Williams, Khalil Herbert, Michael Carter TE Hockinson K Bass Def Bengals IDP Devin White

    League #1 .5 PPR 1 pt 10 yrds rush/15 yrds rec/50 yrds passing 6 pt TD pass QB Justin Herbert WR Devante Adams, AJ Brown, Tee Higgins RB Derrick Henry, D. Montgomery, Darrel Williams, Khalil Herbert, A. Mattison, Miles Sanders, Eli Mitchell TE Gronk, Kyle Pitts, Zach Ertz K Prater Def Panthers, Colts
  10. Russel Wilson worth the pickup?

    I agree with Basket018, if you have the room on the bench (Drop Lance), just hold him until he comes back.
  11. One Week TE Plug-in

    I have the same issue, but I was able to get Zach Ertz. Seals-Jones was my 2nd choice though.
  12. Which QB to back up Allen?

    Darnold has been putting up good fantasy numbers this season. I'm thinking of getting him as my backup
  13. And all of a sudden...

    From what I hear, the starting role is his... for now. I dont think they'll use William's much and his only competition is Bell and Freeman. If you are going to start anyone Murray is the guy.
  14. Which RB should I pick up

    Thank you all. I picked up Moss. If Gaskin is available when Tuesday comes, I'll pick him up too.
  15. In one of my FF leagues, we have no waivers, but we only get 2 transactions per week. I have 1 left for this week an a guy just dropped Elijah Mitchell and Myles Gaskin. Which RB would be the better option for ROS. Zach Moss is available also.
  16. Looking ahead to next week

    Of the 3, I'd go with Vegas.
  17. Elijah Mitchell or M Ingram

    Mitchell. If Houston is bad, they'll be playing from behind alot and Ingram won't get as many touches.
  18. Projected Points or Match Up?

    Usually it's: 1. Play your studs regardless of matchups. Top players usually find ways to put up points. 2. If you have to choose between players, it's best to go with the one who has a better matchup. It usually tends to workout in your favor. (Better matchups tend to lead to higher projected points anyway) 3. Go with your gut. In the end you can never predict what will happen.
  19. Keeper help

    For the 2nd year in a row, the commissioner chose to have keepers. We can keep up to 3 players, but lose draft spot based on where they were drafted last season. I'll most likely keep the players in bold, but was wondering if any of you had any other ideas or advice. (#) is draft spot QB- Allen (9), Herbert (?) RB- Henry (1), Dobbins (7), Montgomery (12), Gaskin (?) WR- Adams (2), Hopkins (3), AJ Brown (5), McLaurin (6)
  20. Keeper Help

    With the value, I'd keep Gibson. And you may still be able to get Hockenson if you really want him.
  21. Keeper help

    I've thought about that. But it's randomly generated 30 mins before the draft. So I don't know my position.
  22. Keeper help

    Thank you. It is a 1 QB league and its .5 PPR. The reason I'm asking is for the reasons you brought up. Henry, Adams & Hopkins are the safe choice, but I have thought about keeping players that I would otherwise not get at the rounds I'm giving up.
  23. Keeper help needed!!

    Waller. TE is an up and down position and Waller usually gets consistent targets.
  24. Need some help

    I like Mahomes and Chubb. Not sure about the Sanders part though. If not that, Brady, Evans and Chubb. And Thomas over Evans
  25. I want to thank everyone who helped or gave any advice this season. I was able to get 1st place in both my leagues. I especially want to thank Montana, who I believe has commented on every one of my questions and League Champion who also comments on most of my posts. See all of you next season.