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  1. Who Should I Start This Sunday

    I say Green to....
  2. Man, who do I start here

    Kitna in the dome against bad pass Def
  3. TE HELP Witten or LJ Smith? What NOW?

    I have the same thread up and its all Witten my friend
  4. Fantasy help

    dont ever bench Manning....
  5. McNair/Carr/Young

    In Houston go with the guy who'll want to put on a show for his home state...Young
  6. T Jones or MJD?

    Gotta agrre...MJD...check his injury 1st though...
  7. caldwell or chambers

    I say go with the hot hand in Caldwell
  8. Which WR do I bench

    Whew, glad to hear that........
  9. Grossman, Rivers, or Garrard?

    Tell you the truth I'd go Rivers...Im a Denver homer but Ive seen that there secondary can be exposed..
  10. Help! TENN or SF def!

    Wow, thats powerhouse there and a tough choice...I'd go Tenn though..I think they'll be pumped after there big victory last weak...
  11. Playoffs - Who do I start?

    Favre 5 Leihnert 0 Go Favre.......
  12. Who's my #3

    I know Mason had a good week last wek but has he been consistent the last few weeks. I guess thats why Im having the tough choice here...
  13. Which WR do I bench

    Where did you see that Holt is questionable?
  14. HELP...Round 1 of Playoff WDIS

    Go Kitna...Good match-up..they wont be able to run.. Fason, detroit cant stop the ground game
  15. Pick my WR2 in first playoff game

    Go with Holt...He's back