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  1. In-grown toenail

    I've had problems with these on my big toes ever since I was in basic training many years ago. Sometimes they can get very deep and infected, and when they get like this you can't really cut them out yourself. If yours isn't that bad yet, you can buy toenail cutters/pliers at Wal-Mart that can be helpful. They are almost like a small pair of dykes made specifically for ingrown toenails. These can penetrate and cut much deeper than normail toenail clippers, however, it may just end up being a temporary solution. The ones that I got from Wal-Mart look kind of similar to this: If it gets bad enough that you have to go to the doctor, they usually will inject the toe with lidocaine, and then basically take toenail scissors and cut out about 1/3 of the nail. Then, they take a cotton swab with some sort of acid on it to the edge of the toe where the nail was growing and wasn't supposed to be. This is supposed to stop the nail from growing back in that spot, but it seems to have varying success as I've had it done several times to the same toe. It seems to have worked the last time that they did it though, as I haven't had an issue with mine in over a year now.
  2. Borat on DVD

    Exactly, that scene wasn't from the film, but rather from Da Ali G show on HBO. It's on YouTube if you want to see it:
  3. YouTube Videos

    A great retelling of Sodom and Gomorah!
  4. I"m glad to hear that things are going as well as can be hoped Polk.
  5. I don't often get really angry reading the news, but stories like this do the job. Any chance we can bring back the gallows for guys like this?
  6. Portis defends Vick

    Didn't even take that long. Released last night: What a bunch of idiots they are. Was Samuels stoned during the interview or something?
  7. MLB.TV

    So, did anyone actually get the mosiac to work today? I can't get it to install properly, evidently they have been having a lot of similar issues with people.
  8. MLB.TV

    Correct, the Yankee games are not blacked out on here (Philadelphia area). Our local cable company is Comcast, and much to my surprise and disappointment, they don't even offer YES as part of a premium sports package or anything - you just flat can't get it. If you are thinking of buying a package and want to see if a particular team is blacked out in your area, you can go to this page: , enter your info, and it will let you know.
  9. The Royals will win the World Series this year

    I admit it. You roped me in.
  10. The Royals will win the World Series this year

    Care to make a wager on that? I'll give you good odds.
  11. MLB.TV

    I also bought the premium version this season since I moved to Pennsylvania and can't get the Yes Network here. I have watched several spring training games, and have had a problem with the sound once, and one that just flat wouldn't load audio or video (I e-mailed them about that one because it was the first game I tried to watch and I wasn't sure if my computer was causing some kind of issue, but they said it was technical difficulties on their end). So, I guess I'd say that your problem doesn't appear to be a completely isolated incident, but I'm not worried yet. If it starts happening all the time during the regular season, then I'll start to get upset. I'm just happy to have baseball back again though.
  12. Take this for what you will, but I thought that some of you on here would find it interesting. It's an article alleging that a Russian intel leak says the U.S. is planning on attacking Iran on April 6th. It was sent to me by an old professor of mine. Big-time communist. He sends me this stuff all the time, it's kind of funny. He's actually a rather brilliant, fascinating guy, but fanatical to be sure. Here's the link: I'm not sure how good the translation is, so in case anyone here can speak French: ...or Russian:
  13. Our wettest dream has come true!

    There's an interview with Theisman on WFAN right now. He's actually handling the whole firing thing with a lot of class. He even had a lot of nice things to say about Kornheiser.
  14. YouTube Videos

    Did you see Phil Ivey's face when she flipped her cards?
  15. YouTube Videos

    Speaking of Wheel of instant classic South Park clip. Probably NSFW.