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  1. Did I just fleece this guy?

    That is just... wow. Who the hell drops a top 5 TE because they're on a bye?!
  2. Did I just fleece this guy?

    Good value indeed! Who knows what the fantasy world has in store for Dallas wide receivers with Dak out. Basically you traded a WR2 with a dismal outlook for a top 5 TE.
  3. Did I just fleece this guy?

    No joke, I originally offered him Gaskin + Cooks + a 5th rounder. He felt that was too generous and bargained me down to an 11th. At that point I felt the need to clarify and say I was talking about Brandin Cooks and not Dalvin Cook lol.
  4. Did I just fleece this guy?

    Traded away: Myles Gaskin + Brandin Cooks + 11th round draft pick Received: Michael Thomas This is my team now (PPR): QB: Kyler Murray RB: Dalvin Cook, Zeke, Alexander Mattison WR: Michael Thomas, Calvin Ridley, Kenny Golladay, Deebo Samuel, Laviska Shenault TE: Waller Championship time?
  5. How did it turn out?

    Last I heard, Deebo has a legitimate shot at playing week 1. We'll see
  6. How did it turn out?

    Looking back on it my RB depth is pretty meh. I had traded away my 5th round pick (got Ridley in return last year) and you can tell it came back to haunt me a little
  7. How did it turn out?

    Forgot to mention it was a keeper league. Zeke and Cook were my 2 keepers going into the draft. I felt comfortable taking Kyler Murray early on since he grew into his own last season. I don't really lump him in with the 'he's young/could go either way' category, but you never know. Took a flier on Burrow since I felt comfortable with my starting QB plus he has a lot of potential.
  8. How did it turn out?

    10-team ppr league. This is my team: QBs: Kyler Murray, Joe Burrow RBs: Dalvin Cook, Zeke Elliott, Zack Moss, Chris Thompson, Alexander Mattison WRs: Kenny Golladay, Calvin Ridley, Courtland Sutton, Brandin Cooks, Deebo Samuel, Allen Lazard, Brandon Aiyuk TE: Darren Waller Whatcha guys think?
  9. Keeper dilemma

    @jacketkneelength The format is such that if a GM keeps 2 players, he gets a 'compensatory pick', where they get to make a selection before the draft actually starts. If the GM keeps 1 player, they get 2 compensatory picks, and so on. If I keep 3, I loose out on that compensatory pick and will make my first selection in round 1. This keeper league is different than most leagues that do round penalties, where keeping a player means you loose the pick you drafted him in. That make sense? It really just comes down to this: Scenario 1: keep Cook, Zeke and Kenny Golladay/OBJ/Sutton OR Scenario 2: keep Cook, Zeke. then have a shot at landing one of Julio Jones or Chris Godwin if no one else selects them before me in the compensatory round. What do you think I should do?
  10. Keeper dilemma

    I'm in a 10 team PPR league. We are allowed to keep up to 3 keepers. I have 2 locked in: Dalvin Cook and Zeke Elliott. I'm tossing and turning trying to decide if it's worth it for me to keep a third, which would either be Golladay, Odell Beckham, Courtland Sutton or Calvin Ridley. If I don't keep that third player and have done my projections correctly, I'd have a shot at getting Julio, Godwin, Amari Cooper, or DJ Moore. So should I keep a third player (and if so, who? Golladay?) or thrown my name into the hat and have a chance at landing a Julio or a Godwin? Thanks for your input! -kareem
  11. I’m in a keeper league-- you can keep up to 4 players. There are no round penalties for keeping a player, i.e a player kept is a pick lost. If you keep 4 players you don’t pick until the 5th round. Keep 3, don’t pick until the 4th, and so on. It’s PPR with 2 RB and 3 WR slots. I’m planning on keeping these 4: Ezekiel Elliott David Johnson Odell Beckham Jr Dalvin Cook This is my first year in a keeper league and I’m concerned about keeping 3 RBs and only 1 WR (again, I have 3 WR slots to fill). Anyone have any insight on this? Is it worthwhile to trade someone like Cook for a high-end WR2/low end WR1? Not sure if i’m overthinking and should just go with what I’ve got, and have Cook as a lock-in flex play every week. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!