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  1. Trade Partners

    Thanks gents. Appreciate the feedback.
  2. Trade Partners

    PPR league My Roster: QB: Wilson (IR), Burrow RB: Najee, Dalvin, D. Henderson, D. Harris (NE), A. Mattison WR: CeeDee, Deebo, K. Toney, Ridley, D. Mooney TE: Waller K: Succop D: Pitty Pats Currently 4-2 and tied for first in my division Burrow on bye Week 9 Waller on bye Week 8 Two owners in my league have two top tier QB's each - one has Lamar and Rodger (this owner also has Adams and Jones), the other has Brady and Kyler Murray. Wondering if I should: 1) sit tight and run with Burrow, likely dropping Toney next week to stream a TE and then likely drop that new TE the following week to stream a QB or 2) try to trade Burrow, Harris, a WR and / or even Waller to grab one of those 'extra' QB's and a TE 3) go to the Mahomes owner and offer Burrow and Waller for Mahomes and Fant Who knows if or when Wilson will be back - they say he's ahead of schedule etc. but will Burrow be enough Have another owner offering Matty Ice and Kelce for Waller/Harris and a WR - he's asked for Deebo. Feels steep but will Deebo's production continue? Will Waller light it up in the second half? Owner with Brady has offered Brady and Hunter Henry or Dallas Goedert for Burrow and Najee Owner with Lamar has offered Lamar and Ricky Seal Jones for Waller and Najee Thoughts?
  3. WR start/sit question

    So its Robinson then? HAHAHA. Thanks guys.
  4. Last one... Currently starting Burrow at QB, Tua on the wire, would you go with Tua until if/when Russell Wilson comes back and drop Burrow or ride out Burrow? Tua projected higher this week...
  5. Also...should I pick up D'Ernest in CLE and drop Damien Harris from NE for this week? I have Najee and Cook on bye with D. Henderson starting in the other RB slot. PPR league
  6. PPR league Of these four which one sits this week? Robert Woods home against Detroit Cooper Cupp home against Detroit Allen Robinson at TB Tee Higgins at Baltimore
  7. Start / Sit

    @JumpingJehosaphat yeah buddy.
  8. Start / Sit

    Okay - took out Tee - here's hoping. I have Henderson in the flex spot and think he'll do well also.
  9. Start / Sit

    Should have mentioned that I have Cupp and he is a set and forget start - sway anyone's opinion? @Matt07chs @JumpingJehosaphat @jayrob
  10. Would you do this?

    @zing yeah, the one guy has brady and kyler murray - wanted to trade brady for deebo straight up last week.
  11. Start / Sit

  12. Start / Sit

    PPR At RB: Zeke or Darrell Williams (seems like a crazy question but...) is it closer than you'd think given injury status and matchup? How about at WR: Tee Higgins (vs Detroit) , Robert Woods (vs NYG) , Allen Robinson (vs GB)?
  13. Would you do this?

    @zing and leave my QB situation alone then eh? Hmm. Was trying to grab Lamar maybe I give burrow, harris and Ridley for Lamar and cupp. Pipedream?