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  1. Should seal the deal right, sit Higgins
  2. Is how I have it currently but always second guess until game time…
  3. Who to Flex

    was thinking even pollard and zeke...bad idea?
  4. Who to Flex

    Who should I start and who sits of this bunch - PPR league and I need two of them: Zeke Pollard D. Henderson (LAR) D. Williams (KC) Goedert
  5. Is Henderson going to start and get more Carrie’s than Michel on Tuesday, or do I have to play Darnell Mooney at flex?
  6. Damn Henderson dilemma again

    yes I know he is but question is if Mooney is a better play than him this week.
  7. Damn Henderson dilemma again

    so I start Darnell Mooney over Hendo?
  8. Anyone have any news on either of these two yet...?
  9. Henderson and Waller status?

    @League_Championson of a...
  10. QB start

    Have Russell Wilson and Joe Burrow in PPR league. Wondering if I drop one of those QB’s or another player to pick up Tua this week? First round of the playoffs and need the win.
  11. QB start

    @League_Champion you mean you'd start wilson over burrow and tua...?
  12. QB start

    @mtraider27 other option which I just acted on was to drop the Texan D whom I had just picked up to start over the Pats D and pick up Tua...favorable match up but it is the playoff's do I start him over Wilson or Burrown in your opinions? @Montana is da Man
  13. QB start

    @Montana is da Man who would you start between the two? Currently Wilson slotted in to start. tua has the jets which is why the appeal.
  14. Have both in my PPR league - do I start both of them and leave Henderson out of the flex spot?
  15. Cook vs Mattison

    I have Henderson in my flex position - is there anyway you guys would start both Cook AND Mattison dropping Henderson from the flex?
  16. Cook vs Mattison

    @sonicaudio a no brainer choice as you don't own Cook AND Mattison...thoughts for those of us who handcuffed Mattison all year and now, in pivotal week have choice of both...who are you starting? Definitely leaning Mattison but...
  17. Who do you like between Henderson or Zeke at flex this week? Currently have Zeke and Pollard on my bench with Henderson slotted in. PPR league
  18. QB start question

    PPR league Burrow home vs San Fran OR Wilson at Houston Is Wilson 'back' to himself? Showed some life last week after being nearly dead the two weeks prior coming off injury. I like Wilson's match up better obviously but not his play and it seems Burrow has taken a small step back as well. Both projected around the same points - are they, at this point, the same guy, just place the matchup you like better? Will Seattle get up and simply run the ball more or will it be a statement 'I'm back and auditioning for a new team next year' game for the Hawks and Wilson?
  19. Henderson status??

    Projected for 0 points but still listed as questionable…
  20. Seattle is an enigma for sure and the Metcalf situation is really weird - as is Wilson situation. Deadline for trades is tomorrow in our league. Think I should give up Wilson for one of his WR's? Metcalf or see if he'd bite on McLaurin - was trying to find a fill in for Henderson as he's dinged up and get James Conner but wouldn't go through for today - try anyway? I am 9-3 team he is 6-6 team. My roster: QB: Wilson and Burrow RB: Cook, Mattison, Najee Harris, D. Henderson, M. Ingram and K. Hunt WR: CeeDee, Deebo, Mooney TE: Waller and D. Schultz D: Pats K: Tucker His roster: QB: Tannehill and Cousins RB: Ekeler, M. Sanders, J. Conner WR: Boyd, DJ Moore, Metcalf, McLaurin TE: Conklin, Hockenson K: Butker D: Bills
  21. Bench Sony. Henderson will play.
  22. If Henderson does not suit up and play on Sunday would you drop Kareem Hunt to pick up Sony Michel? 9-3, currently in first place with two guys breathing down my next at 8-4. I've had Hunt on my bench for five weeks waiting for him to come back and obviously after his bye this week he will be back. PPR league and I don't have any other options to drop people as my infirmary, I mean bench, has Cook, Waller, Deebo, Russell Wilson and Ingram - whom I left there thinking he would be play well and be trade bait for the Kamara owner who was waiting to see and Ingram laid an egg (our trade deadline is Monday).
  23. Van Jefferson is the top available flex player available with Kenyan Drake and Tevin Coleman also available...