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  1. New Trade Advice

    yeah perhaps @Montana is da Man, hindsite being what it is i do wish i'd pulled the trigger but is what it is and still positioned quite well thanks with the roster i do have. question now is should i grab lockett / rojo for diontae and conner and if it makes sense given zeke's ineptitude against a tough washington d thursday...that was the question. any thoughts on package to get j rob from him? diontae, conner and maybe bryan hill or higgins/AB?
  2. New Trade Advice

    You are right @Yoyo, couldn't decide between the two amazing as it turns out offers and thought - apparently incorrectly - that zeke might be zeke-ish again...had he not taken a fat manure and not just laid an egg i bet the trade still goes through. hard to lose conner now with such indecision about he and zeke and with only mostert as a fallback...
  3. New Trade Advice

    Anyone? I give James Conner and Diontae Jonson I get Tyler Lockett / Ronald Jones This owner has James Robinson also and before last night it was Zeke and Conner for Lockett and JRob. Ideas on getting JRob back in the deal? My existing roster: QB - Wilson RB - Aaron Jones, Mostert, Zeke, Conner, Zack Moss and Jamaal Williams WR - Davante Adams, Tee Higgins, Diontae and AB TE - Waller
  4. does it improve my team is the question... Gain JRob / Lockett, lose Zeke and Conner.
  5. you aren't wrong. the waffling is killing me too @Yoyo just want to make the right move...best / most points move. i think zeke is going to start putting up numbers...am i crazy?
  6. So all three owners still after me. Zeke for DHop straight up. Zeke / Conner for JRob and Lockett Conner and Mostert for Allen - new one All out there. @Montana is da Man @irish @League_Champion
  7. 1. I get JRob / Lockett for Zeke and Conner (this owner is 3-8) 2. I get DHop / Gaskin for Zeke and Higgins (this owner is 6-5 battling for playoff spot) 3. I get Keenan Allen for Conner and Diontae (this owner is 8-3 tied with me for 1st) PPR Roster pre trade: QB - Wilson RB: A. Jones, Zeke, Conner, Mostert, Z Moss, J Williams WR - D. Adams, Diontae, Higgins, AB TE - Waller
  8. Making the trade with the 3-8 owner who is out of playoff contention make more sense than with the 6-5 owner likely improving and grabbing last playoff spot?
  9. @RMS@1 Also...could get Keenan Allen for Diontae and Conner...thoughts on that one? So i guess three trade offers: 1. JRob / Lockett for Zeke and Conner 2. DHop / Gaskin for Zeke and Higgins 3. Allen for Conner and Diontae
  10. I do like the Wilson to Lockett double dip. I'd like to see if I could keep Zeke though and counter with Mostert and Conner. Splitting hairs? Will Zeke have a better / easier path ahead for points? Seems Seattle receivers are either Metcalf games or Lockett games whereas DHop is going to definitely see the targets...
  11. Allen owner needs a RB - I need a better WR (or do I?) He is asking for Conner and Diontae for Keenan - feels too steep. Should I offer Mostert over Conner or be fine running with Mostert ROS? Should I keep Diontae (my preference) and give Higgins and either RB? Currently: Wilson Jones, Conner, Mostert, Z. Moss, J. Williams and Zeke Adams, D. Johnson, AB and Higgins Waller and Ertz
  12. Conner and Higgins for Keenan

  13. Conner and Higgins for Keenan

    Conner and Diontae is the ask. I want (need) to keep Diontae on the roster for depth and the flex option If the trade was made my roster would be QB - Wilson RB - Aaron Jones, Zeke, Mostert, Zack Moss and Jamaal Williams WR - Davante Adams, Keenan Allen, Higgins TE - Waller and Ertz D - Bucs K - Carlson How much do I improve parting with Diontae for Keenan (SOS)? I am 8-3 and this trade option is with the other 8-3 owner...who has Gordon and McKissic at RB. Should I just let him possibly fall on his own sword with those two RB's and not give him Conner and Diontae? Conversely having Jones, Zeke, Mostert and Conner sitting on the bench gives me the start / sit dilemma each week...thoughts?
  14. Man...i'm torn

    Sorry to keep beating this around and maybe that's my answer right there but having a difficult time pulling trigger on this trade. Offer from other owner is my Tee Higgins and Zeke Elliott for his D Hopkins and Gaskin (is he even coming back this year and do I even care?) Am I crazy to think that starting Davante Adams and Diontae Johnson at WR (with Tee and AB on the bench) and Aaron Jones, James Conner at RB (with Zeke, Mostert, Zack Moss and Jamaal Williams on the bench) is enough to get me to hoist the championship trophy? Or should I take the trade and have Diontae on my bench with AB starting DHop and D Adams? Is the upgrade enough over Diontae to go for DHop? He certainly didn't get the looks until second half this week and has the Pats coming up and a fair road ahead. Will Zeke start putting up Zeke numbers again - they have a good schedule ahead - wouldn't I be better off with Zeke and Mostert both on my team? Overthinking it yes but someone...hit me with it - should I pull the trigger on the trade or stand pat with my team as is?
  15. Man...i'm torn

    @Rbrown what about going for Keenan Allen for Mostert and Higgins or AB instead?
  16. That better be a done deal - grand theft here.
  17. Currently have Diontae slotted in - stick with it or overthink starting Tee? PPR league