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  1. I have been starting Burrow over Wilson of late - the wire is pretty thin with Tua, Baker, Heinicke, Danny Dimes, Bridgewater, Matty Ice, Lawrence types.
  2. Might be able to trade wilson for james conner or miles sanders though
  3. Ingram played Thursday - unable to drop him.
  4. Henderson in flex spot, Ingram on the bench. Is Henderson definitely going to push through the thigh thing or do I start Ingram tonight? Michel is on wire but no one to drop for him…other than Ingram.
  5. Ingram tonight or D. Henderson with bad thigh?
  6. Ingram tonight or Henderson?

    oh man…everyone agree with going with ingram tonight and leaving henderson on the bench with his juicy matchup
  7. PPR league Trade deadline Dec 6. I am 9-3 in first place in my league. Wondering if I should give up Cook, Mattison and wither Russell Wilson or Joe Burrow to try and bolster my thin WR core. 8-4 owner has Rodgers and Lamar at QB with Adams, Jefferson, Kupp, Sutton and Devonta Smith at WR. He is thin(ish) at RB with Aaron Jones, McKissic (didn't start him last week but is this week with Jones banged up and on bye), CEH, Hilliard and R. Stevenson What do you think if I floated Cook, Mattison and either Wilson OR Burrow (which one you keeping?) for Rodgers, Jefferson and Stevenson? Other options... Keenan Allen and Diontae owner is 4-8 and might be out of it, enough to not make a trade at least but also has Brady and Kyler - he has Saquon and Cordarrelle so might be good The Tyreek Hill and Ja'marr Chase owner is 6-6 and might bite for the RB duo - he has Josh Allen and Carr at QB so maybe I stand pat with my QB's or swap one of them for Carr My Current Roster QB: Wilson, Burrow RB: Najee, Cook, Mattison, Henderson and Ingram WR: CeeDee, Deebo and Mooney TE: Waller and D. Schultz K: Tucker D: Pats
  8. thanks @Montana is da Man, at times I need to check myself and not just make a move to make one. Injuries have me a bit jumpy however. Might be able to get Kyler Murray in the cheap too…will see
  9. I have Mooney and CeeDee going with Henderson in my flex spot but would certainly like a bit more depth there...
  10. Question is, do I need to make this move?
  11. I own Henderson is why I am asking... PPR league Tough week last week. Dalvin Cook Darren Waller Russell Wilson Deebo Samuel Henderson Roster is now Burrow, Najee (is he 100%?), Mattison, Lamb (is he going to go and be 100%?), Mooney, Dalton Schultz, Henderson in flex spot and Tucker and Pats D (uh-oh against Bills but can not drop them, right?)
  12. Drop Ingram for Sony Michel?

    Russell Wilson, that is correct @stevegrab, true about Michel not necessarily being any better than what I have
  13. Drop Ingram for Sony Michel?

    don't exactly have open roster spots to just pick him up...ingram best option to drop.my bench is deebo, waller, cook, wilson and hunt...
  14. Start / sit

    Henderson or Hunt Burrow or Wilson take two PPR
  15. CeeDee status?

    Will he be ready to go tomorrow and if so is he a must start? Will he be on a pitch count? The alternative (currently Darnell Mooney) isn’t great for and is why I’ve contemplated trading a RB to grab another wideout for playoff push.
  16. CeeDee status?

    Start him over Mooney (who may have a week)?
  17. Trade Options

    PPR League My roster: QB - R. Wilson, J. Burrow RB - D. Cook, N. Harris, D. Henderson, K. Hunt, A. Mattison, M. Ingram WR - C. Lamb, D. Samuel, C. Kirk, TE - D. Waller, D. Schultz K - Tucker D - Pats Worried a bit about my WR depth (overthinking it?) and likely dropping Kirk for a wire addition this week. I am being offered the following trade which I think I'd like to counter: I receive: Justin Jefferson, 49er D and Courtland Sutton I give: D. Henderson, K. Hunt and the Pats This owner is thin at RB, and has Lamar and A. Rodgers at QB. Should I offer to part with Russell Wilson, D. Henderson and M. Ingram in exchange for A. Rodgers (I'd rather have Lamar) and J. Jefferson? It would deplete my RB depth for my playoff push (I am 9-2, this other other owner is 8-3), am I helping him out more than myself? His roster: QB - L. Jackson, A. Rodgers RB - A. Jones, J. McKissic, R. Stevenson, CEH, K. Herbert WR - D. Adams, J. Jefferson, C. Kupp, D. Smoth TE - D. Knox K - G. Joseph D - 49ers
  18. PPR league Wilson or Burrow (projections 21.4 vs 21.5) K. Hunt, D. Henderson or M. Ingram at Flex (need one)
  19. PPR 10 Team league I get Jefferson and Rodgers Would give me Rodgers, R. Wilson and J. Burrow at QB - would likely try to trade Burrow (unlikely get much for Wilson at this point) Would leave me with D. Cook, N. Harris and M/ Ingram at RB - start two Would give me CeeDee, Deebo and Jefferson at WR TE - Waller and Schultz Thoughts? Too much to give?
  20. Trade Options

    Right on, thanks, not sure I want to part with cook that badly - I do have mattison but…
  21. Trade Options

    but…do I really need either wide out that much…could/should I run with Deebo and CeeDee?
  22. Trade Options

    Offer was switched. Now it’s Dalvin cook for Jefferson. Do I need Jefferson that badly??
  23. Start Sit Questions

    thought wilson, having an extra day (they play monday) would help his manurety play of late...suppose i hope not, he is going against my Raiders - let's go Burrow!