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  1. Trade Options

    two offers to the jefferson owner are still out there (remember he already has adams and kupp in his two starting wr spots - needs a rb like henderson. henderson and ingram for jefferson henderson and schultz for jefferson (schultz is likely #1 targer for dak this week) he also has rodgers and lamar jackson
  2. Trade Options

    will see how that goes, possible throw it out there for tyreek hill also…
  3. Trade Options

    Will try Henderson for Jefferson straight up again
  4. Trade Options

    yeah 6-5 owner has both hill and chase, is not so responsive. Have told him Henderson would need to return on of those wr’s, he lost Henry and has him stashed still. What are the thoughts on Wilson and Burrow the rest of the way? I could possible for after Keenan Allen or diontae johnson
  5. Trade Options

    then I’d have Wilson, Burrow and Rodgers st QB. I’d need to spin one for a rb better than Stevenson…he also has CEH who would you throw in, think Dalton Schultz would be that package back?
  6. Trade Options

    I would flex one of the WR’s although this week it would be Stevenson. If I do nothing I need a wire add and am the last pick in the waiver order.
  7. Trade Options

    @League_Champion make any difference to you if A. Rodgers was added to Stevenson and Jefferson? I'd give Henderson, Hunt and Russell Wilson.
  8. Trade Options

    Also, trading to the guy on my heels...i'm 9-2, he's 8-3
  9. Trade Options

    Knee knocker is why...anyone else on that trade?
  10. Trade Options

    CeeDee is out this week - I need a WR to slot in. Currently only Deebo there with flex Henderson. Kirk is on bye - am last on waiver order so not likely to get anyone worth much - 10 points would be fantastic there.
  11. Trade Options

    Near pulling the trigger on that offer...anyone else on @Yoyo side or more of you on @League_Champion side feeling henderson and hunt for jefferson and stevenson is getting fleeced? My other RB's are najee harris and dalvin cook
  12. Trade Options

    Don't want to give Cook - so you think I stand pat with CeeDee possibly not playing Thursday...run with the girl who brought me and wait for Hunt to return? If I do that I'll leave one of them on the bench as I can start two RB and one flex. If I can spin it into an upgrade at WR in Jefferson you don't think that is a better long term stretch run move? Stevenson is about the same ROS as Hunt so depth covered - turning Henderson into Jefferson fills my flex spot with a WR over a RB...torn
  13. Trade Options

    hmmm. offer in to me for my henderson and hunt for his sutton and CEH I prefer jefferson - he'd do it for jefferson and herbert (droppable) for henderson and hunt - should i do stevenson and jefferson and call it good?
  14. Trade Options

    Thinking of trimming it down a little - offering henderson and ingram for jefferson...keeping hunt and picking up mooney for kirk off the wire.
  15. Trade Options

    Also...thoughts if I kept my QB's - hoped Wilson finds his groove or ride Burrow and swapped Henderson and Hunt for Jefferson and Sutton..?
  16. Flex of these four

    Ingram D. Williams Bateman Pringle C. Kirk PPR
  17. Sounds like CEH may be back this week - if so should I flex Williams or slot in Goedert? Other options are on bye.
  18. QB questions

    PPR leagues. Who to start this week (two different leagues): Prescott or Herbert Wilson or Burrow also...one RB question Is CEH back this week or do I keep starting W. Williams or slot in R. Stevenson this week with D. Harris still banged up for the Pats?
  19. QB questions

    Oops, yes, Darrel Williams not W. Williams...haha. So tough to sit Russ but I asked as I think I was considering it also. Appreciate the feedback.
  20. WDIS if Harris is OUT?

    youch - tough luck season for you bud. Well...it'd be Davis for me as he has a starting role, Pollard is Zeke's knee keeps him out.
  21. PPR League Current WR: CeeDee, Deebo, Mooney and Beasley - feel I need more punch / depth Current RB: Dalvin Cook, Najee Harris, Darrell Henderson, Hunt and Mattison - feel I could part with Hunt for that depth Chase might cost me more than just Hunt - possibly Beasley or Mooney Would you pull the trigger to get Chase?
  22. I'd be getting Metcalf - giving CeeDee and Schultz... PPR league I have Wilson at QB and Waller at TE IF Metcalf owner would bite (do you think he would) would you make that trade?
  23. CeeDee and Schultz for Metcalf

    Okay - what would you suggest? My roster below on left starting with Wilson (missing Dalton Schultz, Kareen Hunt and Cole Beasley and his roster on the right start with Kirk Cousins (missing Tyler Conklin, Tyler Boyd and DJ Moore)
  24. CeeDee and Schultz for Metcalf

    CeeDee underperforming - Metcalf too but I think that is due to Wilson being out - Carson coming back also, should free up Metcalf more...unless Wilson goes to Lockett haha. I shouldn't need Schultz (famous last words) as hopefully Waller will get more targets with DeSean keeping the down field threat alive...I don't know just trying to think it through. You'd stay put with CeeDee and Deebo I take it @Montana is da Man