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  1. Do I sit CeeDee this week?

    so waller for adams straight up and run with schulz the rest of the way - is that what you are thinking?
  2. Do I sit CeeDee this week?

    Forgot, this owner also has Cupp. He's likely ask for Waller if it involved Adams...
  3. Do I sit CeeDee this week?

    Well, that is the question, @Montana is da Man, who can really know for sure...he HAS GOT to turn it around at some point doesn't he? Should I consider trading him and if so what position would you target or package to get back? Maybe the D. Adams owner would trade Adams while he is out this week? He is pretty stacked at WR with Adams, Jefferson, Sutton, M. Thomas, D. Smith... My roster: QB:; Wilson, Burrow RB: Dalvin Cook, Najee Harris, D. Henderson, K. Hunt and A. Mattison WR: Ridley, Lamb, Deebo, and Mooney TE: Waller, D. Schulz
  4. deal is done. here's hoping schulz goes off this week, that waller has a second half full of games like game one this year and that hunt gets back on the field soon!
  5. Hunt on IR and Schulz for Harris seems like I should take this one
  6. Waller is on bye week 8...Harris had a good game...should I try to sell high or sit on him for depth? 2-5 owner has Schulz and Gesicki and would move one of them for Harris (he lost Hunt and Montgomery to IR, has Chubba and James Robinson starting with Elijah Mitchell on the bench. Was a rough week for him this week, only put up 57 points (has Darnold at QB and Shepard went out at WR). Wonder if I ought to make the move for Schulz OR if he might throw in anything else due to Harris' hot outing...try to get Elijah Mitchell or Thielen from him? His roster here: QB: Dak, Darnold RB: Mitchell, Hunt, Montgomery, Chubba WR: Lockett, Shepard, Thielen, Jones Sr TW: Gesicki, Schulz
  7. @Montana is da Man thoughts?
  8. @Montana is da Man Last ditch here - he just offered Schulz and Hunt for Harris…you taking that?
  9. @mongrels84 @Montana is da Man Would you do Gesicki for Harris straight up? He is balking a bit on adding Mitchell...
  10. @Montana is da Man yeah? Hmm...I liked Schulz' matchup (vs Min) better than Gesicki (vs Buf) initially. Schulz is the 3rd ranked TE to date, Gesicki the 8th. Think I could get away with adding Mitchell or a WR for depth...? Suppose it depends on if he wants to shake things up a bit...eh?
  11. @turbinator QB: WIlson and Burrow RB: Dalvin, Najee, D. Henderson, D. Harris and Mattison WR: CeeDee, Deebo, D. Mooney, Ridley TE: Waller, Kmet (picked up when Waller was out this week) K: Succop D: Pitty Pats
  12. Waller status - pick up/drop

    I nearly went with my gut and took Moreau - also considered Tonyan - both of which would have been better than Kmet but he did exceed ESPN projections by getting 9 points. It was enough to win the week - Deebo made me sweat it out in the late game though.
  13. Waller status up in the air, as well do, I need a win and going against top team in league. should I pick up a TE just in case waller is out - I would drop Kadarius Toney to make a pick up.
  14. Drop Arob??

    Any other owners in your league with bye week issues that you and ARob could help solve? Without knowing the rest of your roster is difficult to say but perhaps look to package him with another player? If you have Cook definitely pick up Mattison.
  15. Waller status - pick up/drop

    @DubstepAllstar cox over kmet?
  16. Waller status - pick up/drop

    could also grab waller's replacement, moreau over kmet?
  17. Waller status - pick up/drop

    @Montana is da Man So you think I should drop K. Toney (he's who I have to drop) to pick him up? @RMS!1
  18. Waller status - pick up/drop

    @Montana is da Man was debating Cox for his matchup
  19. Waller status - pick up/drop

    Everett and Kmet there also. @Montana is da Man
  20. Waller status - pick up/drop

    Cox or Tonyan are two likeliest options
  21. PPR league. I would give Najee and Burrow and receive Rodgers and Adams Other QB is Wilson Other RB's are Dalvin Cook, D. Henderson, D. Harris and A. Mattison Other WR's are CeeDee, K. Toney, C. Ridley, Deebo and D. Mooney Really not sure I want to give up Najee but Rodgers and Adams is definitely tempting and upgrades two positions. The Rodgers GM is definitely looking to do something, not sure he'll bite on just this, might want a third player in the deal - has wanted my TE (Waller) and only has Ricky Seals Jones but Waller is on bye next week. There is another owner with Brady and Kyler who has said Najee would need to be in a deal and I could likely get Brady and either Hunter Henry or Dallas Goedert and perhaps a third player.
  22. Agreed all - I am going to sit tight. Will stream a TE next week - likely dropping Kadarius Toney.
  23. He has countered. I give: Najee, Wilson and Waller I get: Rodgers, Justin Jefferson and CEH