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  1. 4 hours ago, mtraider27 said:

    I dropped Wilson for Tua this week, I have Cousins and can't decide which to start.  Playing the Jets is the positive for Tua plus volume and possibility of no clear running game.  Cousins has Cook to give the ball to.  So I really don't have an answer for you I guess just here for the responses to help me make my decision.  I have been terrible at picking the qb spot all year, I have been winning without having strong qb play.   



    @mtraider27 other option which I just acted on was to drop the Texan D whom I had just picked up to start over the Pats D and pick up Tua...favorable match up but it is the playoff's do I start him over Wilson or Burrown in your opinions?

    @Montana is da Man

  2. PPR league


    Burrow home vs San Fran OR

    Wilson at Houston


    Is Wilson 'back' to himself?  Showed some life last week after being nearly dead the two weeks prior coming off injury.  I like Wilson's match up better obviously but not his play and it seems Burrow has taken a small step back as well.  Both projected around the same points - are they, at this point, the same guy, just place the matchup you like better?  Will Seattle get up and simply run the ball more or will it be a statement 'I'm back and auditioning for a new team next year' game for the Hawks and Wilson?

  3. Seattle is an enigma for sure and the Metcalf situation is really weird - as is Wilson situation.  Deadline for trades is tomorrow in our league.


    Think I should give up Wilson for one of his WR's?  Metcalf or see if he'd bite on McLaurin - was trying to find a fill in for Henderson as he's dinged up and get James Conner but wouldn't go through for today - try anyway?  I am 9-3 team he is 6-6 team.


    My roster:


    QB: Wilson and Burrow

    RB: Cook, Mattison, Najee Harris, D. Henderson, M. Ingram and K. Hunt

    WR: CeeDee, Deebo, Mooney

    TE: Waller and D. Schultz

    D: Pats

    K: Tucker


    His roster:


    QB: Tannehill and Cousins

    RB: Ekeler, M. Sanders, J. Conner

    WR: Boyd, DJ Moore, Metcalf, McLaurin

    TE: Conklin, Hockenson

    K: Butker

    D: Bills

  4. 2 hours ago, stevegrab said:


    As it should be, no league should allow a player whose game has been played that week to be dropped. But I guess some leagues have odd rules allowing that. 


    I would drop Wilson if you need a roster spot for somebody. I presume you have another QB who starts, and there's bound to be others of Wilson's caliber on waivers. I really don't see him returning to prior form this year. If you can trade him even better. 


    I was a bit confused by your thread title, wondering why you'd drop Hunt because Henderson is out. But the post was short and clear


    I have been starting Burrow over Wilson of late - the wire is pretty thin with Tua, Baker, Heinicke, Danny Dimes, Bridgewater, Matty Ice, Lawrence types.