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  1. I live in Pittsburgh and think the Seahawks got robbed. I'm a homer, but an honest homer. At least 4 calls were blown that all had major impacts. Biggest blunder was the holding call that called back the first and goal. Haggans lunged to the ground after Hasselback so the ref assumed he was pulled down. He obviously didn't see the hold. All in all a terrible game that could have been better if the refs had even got half the calls correct. Now I have to live with obnoxious homer fans who don't realize or care about the quality of the win. Happy for Ward, Bettis, Rooneys, etc. but I'm sure the Seahawks have class acts also who at least deserved a fair shot.
  2. Raising Your Kid The Right Way

    Only a parent or relative could enjoy this. Love the Steelers, hate the home video. Save it for Birthday parties so Aunt Mary can coo over the kids. :doah:
  3. Tony Dungy's Son Found Dead

    Bottom line is the kid (in the best case) was real confused at this point of his life, like we all probably were when we were eighteen. Maybe not to that degree, but we all were to some degree. We are different, and hopefully better people, at this point in our life. It's sad he won't have the same opportunity to get his priorities in line later in his life. As a father of 3 kids, I can't imagine his parents' feelings at this point in time. I can only hope they can get through it without losing their minds. Colts players will rally just like the Giants did when old Mara passed away. The Super Bowl Trophy will be on display in Indy during the off season. Emotions will give them the edge. (No pun intended with the "edge" comment in a Colts post)
  4. Pretty meaningless thread. Pakcers offense is done with or without a FG holder. Starting Longwell was already a bad move. Facing the Bears D this week also.
  5. So, who made it to the Superbowl and

    Hasselback Dillon James D. Davis/J. Wells Houshmanzadeh Driver D. Jackson/Engram T. Gonzales Elam Indy Defense League 2 Brady Tiki D. Foster J. Jones A. Bryant M. Clayton T. Glenn Crumpler Rackers Indy Defense This league is a Huddle 16 Team League
  6. Chad gives the Browns a check

    Johnson should send TJ Housh a nice christmas present for drawing attention away from him. Since when did the Brownies become defensive dynamos??

    Another spoiled athlete who gets another chance. Same kind of guys who root for Ron Artest now root for Robinson. Can't wait to see the Steelers #43 rack him a couple of times.
  8. Portis' Socks

    Waiting to hear that Portis will be fined for not wearing the same socks as his teammates. The NFL doesn't like individuality. They only put up with it when it helps promote the league. It's oK to act like an a*shole when you score a TD but you can't wear different socks
  9. 16 Team League. Brady T. Williamson A. Bryant. C. Roby Tiki Morency D. Foster Crumpler Rackers Indy Ouch.
  10. Cody Pickett

    All the talent in Division I football and all the veteren backups looking for work and the SF Niners end up starting Cody Pickett. Amazing how a Salary Cap strapped team suffers. Hope they enjoyed the previous success because now they are the worst team in the NFL. On a nuetral field, I have to believe the Texans would beat them the majority of the time. Also...if interested....I have a Fantasy Hoops league set up in Yahoo. Need 1 more owner to round out a 12 team competitive league. If interested, post here and I will supply the ID and password. Root for Pickett to have a big day so all underdogs in the world can be proud.
  11. Look good, play good?

    He obviously doens't look very good. Had every chance to step up this year. Matt Jones has flopped so far and Wilford is just "Wilford".
  12. Roy Williams

    Mariucci should straighten him out. If you were the owner paying his enormous salary would you settle for watching him be "lazy"? What a joke. Lots of players have talent....few have heart.
  13. Patriots Injury Report

    Colts -9 vs. Bruschi AC.
  14. Linc goin' all out

    No way they go undefeated. 2 losses by the end of the regular season.
  15. Heisman Watch

    Vince Young should win. Very obvious. USC feasts on the PAC "No D" 10.
  16. Guess Madden's Halloween Costume

    He will dress up and pretend to be a Football Commentator.
  17. Pass

    They don't want to give the ball to Dillon...he's hurt or in the doghouse. Brady will throw 40 passes tonight. Remind me......NEVER DRAFT PATRIOT PLAYERS.
  18. I'm always amazed at the number of posts some people have and how frequently certain guys are at this site. Which of the following choices seem most appealing to you? a)Read old issues of Playboy b)buy a dog and take him for a lot of walks c)play live Yahtzee on-line with strangers from foreign countries d)watch the Sports Center reruns and pretend you are Chris Berman e)buy a Nerf basketball hoop and play make believe 1 on 1 games vs. NBA superstars f)listen to "How to Speak Japanese tapes". Personally, I'd probably vote for "E". Keeps the mind creativity and get a little excercise in between cold ones. Post other ideas if none of the above choices sound appealing.
  19. Alex Smith

    Frye is a winner...he'll be a starter in the near future. Smith just isn't least not yet. Doesn't take command of the game....reminds me of a Detmer who can run a little better....
  20. 60 seconds with Jimmy Kimmel

    Can anyone at ABC actually believe that is entertaining. LT (the real LT) needs to find some clean living and drop 30 lbs. Sad to seem him fall apart but doing chongers all your life doesn't help. Kimmel sucks.
  21. This is one of the worst Threads I've ever seen at the Huddle. Nobody cares that you were a 135 lb. weiner in high school. Somebody mention Brett Favre or Walter Payton to save the credibility of the Huddle here.
  22. Sunday Morning Updates

    if you get any homer info post it here on injuries........
  23. Ricky Williams Gotta Go

    Am I the only guy who thinks Ricky Williams playing is a joke. The guy quit and only came back because he owes the Dolphins a fortune. They have a great talent in Brown...why give that bum Williams an opportunity to play. He has no heart.....the Dolphins are just kidding themselves. Get the bum out of there and get Brown experience so he can dominate in the future. This is strike 1 against Saban.
  24. Ricky Williams Gotta Go

    This is 2005, not 2002. He isn't the same guy. Have you heard him in interviews?? Too much wacky tobacky and now the guy is a fruitcake. Doesn't his "homeless mans'" beard tell you enough. Wake up. He isn't going to run over anyone unless their is a joint waiting for him in the endzone.
  25. Pissed Off

    Let me vent some sour grapes....what is the purpose of NFL injury reports when teams are permitted to manipulate the system. Vick 2 weeks ago and Dillon this week. Forget about Fantasy Football.....the NFL just continues to lose credibility in the eyes of educated fans. Not the ones who just root for their home team and their lives depend on their wins and losses. Yes....I'm a Dillon owner who got burned....yes....I'm venting......regardless....the injury reports are a joke and the NFL permits it to happen. Can't blame Shanahan and Bellichek for abusing the system as long as they are permitted to do so. NOW I FEEL BETTER. THANKS FOR READING THIS.