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  1. Denny Green fired

    Bob Stoops could throw his hat in the ring after tonight. OU would probably pay the Cardinals to take him. Actually, Jim Mora Jr. may be a better choice......Arizona is closer to the University of Washington.
  2. Best coaching candidate for ATL ?

    How about the guy who was Marion Joyner's husband and coach? He could get Vick to run even FASTER!! Vick could catch his own passes.....just a thought.
  3. Darrent Williams, Denver CB

    I could not believe it when I saw this. I am still just shocked and completely blown away that the NFL has lost such a great talent like this. It is amazing that someone cannot enjoy a night out without worrying about something like this. The first thing I thought of when I heard this was when Dimebag Darrell, guitarist for Pantera, was just gunned down on stage. To say it is a "black athelete" issue is ridiculous. Celebrities just aren't safe in public period as long as there are freaking psychos running amok. Tragic story to cap off what has been, up to now, a great NFL season.
  4. Keeper League

    We decided this year to start a keeper league, but I am looking for advice on what systems have worked the best for some of you. We are only keeping one player for next year and may modify that the following years, but questions have arose on how to draft the following year once the first round has been determined. Sorry for being somewhat newb on this, but we have just had a standard scoring league for about 8 years and wanted to change things up and I am looking for some different opinions and what works best. Any good links or sites to check on or if any of you have a good system in place, please post and let me know. Thanks
  5. Does OAK draft Quinn?

    Art Shell..... Bring in all the talent you want (offensive line, QB, Peyton Manning, whatever) and he will find a way to make it not work.
  6. champ or playing for championship...

    Had bye this week....two weeks left (play until week 17...OOOF!) QB: Brees RB: LT, T.Bell WR: T.O., Housh, S. Moss TE: R. McMichael K: Gould T: Falcons We'll see.....
  7. Colston or TJ Housh

    Housh, and don't look back. Monday Night Mania!!!
  8. You get the "Carl Lewis" award at the end of the season.
  9. TO spits in Hall's face

    If T.O. would have spit in Bryant Gumbal's face, we wouldn't even be talking about this. That would have been "Bertoxxulous"!!
  10. thinking of benching holt

    Holt. Do not bench Holt.
  11. Are You In Your Playoffs?

    I like to READ the Huddle. It is interesting to get DMD's takes and I personally respect the man for even having the stones and foresight to start the Huddle WAY BEFORE the "fantasy football craze" spread to ESPN, USA TODAY, and every other half-assed rag or crappy cable "fantasy" show hit the mainstream. Did this site help me? Sure. Was Lamont Jordan worth a 2nd round pick? Hell no. Did I need DMD to decide that Jordan should be ranked high. No. Did either of us know he was going to be an absolute bust? Of course not. But I will tell you this for sure.....anyone who takes this site as gospel and then runs back to the Apostle Dorey wanting some answers for why you didn't make the playoffs is a fool. Start your own damn site, have thousands of people spend their money to read your advice, and then we can all start a post about how this site "helped us or hurt us". Thanks to Brees (lucky guess), LT (flip of a coin), Terrell Owens and Housh for helping me to the playoffs and we'll see how far I go. Thanks to DMD for giving me a place to go during my mundane job and read some "entertaining and helpful advice" and live amongst the community of huddlers (at least the ones that know their rearend from a hole in the ground). Worth every bit of my 15 bucks....would have blown it on cds anyway.
  12. pick the score in the Cinn vs Indy game

    Cincy 46 Indy 11
  13. Just wanted to vent before i retired!

    Well, I for one am not retiring, but I would like to thank the following: 1. Drew Brees for being on waivers in week 4 2. LT for falling to the number 3 pick 3. Housh for getting over the injury bug just in the nick of time 4. And last, but not least, FANTASY FOOTBALL.....who the hell would watch a 49ers/Minnesota game if it it weren't for this!!!! Gotta love it
  14. Kurt Warner

    Maybe Rivers will be a suprise this year. And maybe Joe Thiesman will become interesting and profound.
  15. backup qb

    Why Kitna? What has ANY Detroit QB done in the past 5 years that was worth a damn. Kitna was good in Cincy because they were on their way up. Detroit has show no signs of improvement, whatsoever. Brooks all the way, and he is terrible.