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  1. Pratt, Takitaki, Goodson, Takitaki, Oluokun, Tahir, Cashman, Hewitt. (Salary cap team in sig.)
  2. I replaced a team last year (The contract system was implemented last year as well.) before the league drafted and managed to win the consolation bracket. The only four players on option year ($10 to resign.) are Michael Thomas ($8), DeForest Buckner ($7), James White ($4), and Jordan Howard ($3). The only Y2 players that aren't worth $1 are Saquon Barkley ($188), Blake Martinez ($20), and Carson Wentz ($9). We wait to have one big auction draft the week before the season begins. Every player that's a free agent after week 16 and rookies are included. Team is in my signature.
  3. Yeah, I can't really think of anybody I'm willing to trade. Glad I went with my gut and didn't make a move. Thanks, everybody.
  4. I was offered a trade sending away Blake Martinez for Preston Williams the other day. When I saw it I immediately lol'd and declined it. Do you guys like these types of trades? This is the only dynasty league I'm in that does IDP, so this is was a big surprise to me.