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  1. 10 team PPR league, hope no one gets injured McCaffery Eckeler M Thomas McLaurin K Allen Miles Sanders Gaskin Goedert J Williams (rookie Bronco RB) Stafford D Harris Antonio Brown
  2. Mock Draft

    I pick 11th, so at the turn but long waits in between. I'm pretty sure Kelce and Kittle will be keepers and in the above mock I think Waller had been drafted already. If Kelce happens to fall to me as my first pick (3rd rd technically) I'd take him, but it's unlikely. Carson was the highest ADP RB available there, and has been in several mocks I've done. Very little RB quality after that, in my opinion. Harris, Jones, and Eckeler were all gone (again, Eckeler will probably be kept, Jones too depending on Rodgers' situation. If ARod plays, Jones will be kept. If ARod doesn't play, Jones won't be kept and I wouldn't draft him early either) Najee was gone when I picked.
  3. Mock Draft

    Obviously, this isn't real but I think I'd be okay with this roster if it were? 12 team keeper league. My keepers, as of now, AJ Brown and Gibson... who show up at picks for rounds 1&2. All picks shown in draft order Brown Gibson Carson McLaurin (steal as WR2 in 4th round, i think) Andrews ( my worst seasons in this league were when trying to stream TE so I took a steady guy earlier than I would in other leagues) Damien Harris (gamble pick) Odell (worth price in 7th round for a potential top 25 guy?) Brady Pollard Boyd Antonio Brown McKissic Terrence Marshall (took a flier) I'd love Carson as my RB2, hope that happens in real draft. Any flaws in my strategy? Lay it on me.
  4. Keeper?

    I've asked before, but now the situation could be different. PPR league, with 5pt bonus for 100 yds rushing and/or receiving. My original plan (barring injuries) was to keep D Adams and James Robinson. With Jags drafting Etienne, JRob will likely not be worth keeping. Adams worth takes a big tumble if Rodgers is traded/retires/sits out. That leaves me with.. AJ Brown Justin Jefferson Antonio Gibson Josh Jacobs Mark Andrews I'm now leaning towards keeping Brown and Jefferson. I'd pick 11th (out of 12) so I could pick up two best RBs at the turn of 1st round (technically 3rd round as first two rounds are keepers). I'd consider Brown and Gibson though. I'm fairly certain the following will not be kept... Carson, Mixon/Clyde (he also has Chubb so one has to go), Hunt, Montgomery, Akers, Swift, Jefferson/Gibson (depending on who I keep), Adams (i'll not keep if Rodgers doesnt' play), K Allen, Golladay, Thielen. There's also be rookies, like Najee What say you?
  5. Draft QB early this year?

    It's hard to say. One thing to consider is, (1Qb league) Qb's get a 5 point bonus for 300 yds passing and another at 400 and 500. So, in that regard, the difference between Rodgers and Carr is HUGE. A QB that averages 290 yds passing per game is going to average 11pts/game, not counting TDs (6 points) vs a QB that averages 310 per game averaging 17pts/game. That's considerable. Also, in this league (which I joined probably 15 years after it started) QBs are valued, almost all teams keep two on roster. My first couple years in the league I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for QBs because I waited too long. They were all gone way before people in other leagues even started drafting them. My first year in this league I was stuck with Dalton and Wentz, luckily it was the year Wentz ended up putting up decent numbers before he got hurt (super bowl year) To be fair, RBs and WRs also get a 5 pt bonus at 100 yards rushing or receiving. But, it's not often a 3rd or 4th rounder goes off for 100 yds very much more often than an 5th or 6th rounder.
  6. Draft QB early this year?

    That's what I'm thinking but it worries me. Keepers are rounds 1 & 2, so my actual first two picks are 3rd and 4th round. I'd normally go Rb/Wr there, which would leave 21 picks before I go again in 5th, by then, I might be stuck with bottom of the barrel. However if I go with QB with one of first two picks.. probably Rb/Qb since Adams is clearly the higher graded player.. i'd be taking a gamble on whoever I'd end up with as RB2. An Adams\Rodgers stack would make me happy, but RB2 would end up with something like Monte/Gordon/Mostert/Carson, if I'm lucky. Carson would be good RB2. Or maybe I snag a rookie like Najee?
  7. 12 team, 2 keeper league. I'm assuming that Mahomes and Lamar will be kept. After that, there's only a few true QB1's out there. Allen, Dak, Rodgers, Kyler, and Brady are the only "sure things" left. Maybe Wilson in that next tier with Herbert, Cousins, and possibly Winston if Saints use him similar to how they used Brees. No Brees Matt Ryan moves into QB1 territory if Falcons don't draft QB. If they do, how long before they sit Ryan for some fresh blood, especially if they trade/cut Julio? No Rivers.. not a great QB but was a valid streamer or bench QB Tua is a gamble Stafford is a possibility if nothing better available Burrow is also possibility but that knee may not be 100% by season's start Hurts.. no thank you Wentz.. nah Goff.. nope Watson.. wait and see approach... ?? Big Ben .. eh.. Tannehill.. Maybe Jimmy G.. Niners are bailing on him There are others, but you get the gist. I pick 11th of 12 so I'll have a huge gap between picks. My keepers are D. Adams and either JRob or Gibson. Was planning on Rb/Wr with first two picks, but would consider Rb/Qb if Rodgers happens to be there, having Rodgers/Adams stack would be nice but would I'd have to nail my next pick at WR.
  8. Uphill Battle

    Welp, Allen got me 44. Diggs got him 46. I guess $150 for second place is better than 0 for 3rd place or paying $150 for 4th-12th place.
  9. Uphill Battle

    I had a chance before the Diggs TD, now I'm toast.
  10. Uphill Battle

    After my team mostly wet the bed, me starting Gibson over McKissic; I have a very slim chance of a comeback after Adams went off tonight. Very slim.. I'm down by 30, full PPR, I have Allen and Bills kicker, he has Diggs. 5pt bonus for 300 yds passing (another 5pt bonus at 400). Any possibility?
  11. Antonio Gibson

    I'm toast, lots of snow and wind in GB, so my Adams and AJ Brown will be useless against his D Henry. Doesn't matter who I start out of Gibson and McKissic
  12. Antonio Gibson

    Full PPR, which gives edge to McKissic, but WFT has been using him between 20's and Barber in red zone....maybe Gibson gets those goal line touches?
  13. Antonio Gibson

    Yes, Gibson or McKissic is the question. I also didn't pick up Gaskin, was going to because I knew my opponent wouldn't. But guy in consolation bracket picked him up.