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  1. Ravens/Steelers moved to Tuesday

    The Thurs night Dallas/Ravens game is being moved to Monday night as a double header.
  2. Man, that blows stuff up. Could Lamar be back by then, I don't know? What if someone else tests positive, does it get cancelled altogether? I'm not sure I can take that risk, I'm going to bench all Steelers and Ravens, which I had already besides Andrews. With a viable TE option, i'm not going to risk it and take my chances with Goedert.
  3. I asked this before, but have realized a new bit of info about this week's matchup. First of all, Thielen may be out because of C19, if he is, that definitely bumps JJ up in target share. Secondly, and newly realized info.. my opponent this week is starting Cousins. Do I start JJ with the assumption that he'll get many/most targets from JJ, thereby making TDs thrown to JJ and even swap of points (6pt TD pass), not counting reception (PPR) and better yardage? If JJ hits projection of 5/85/1, that's 18 pts for him, vs 9 for Cousins (on completions just to JJ). Both Brown and JJ have non-favorable matchups, on paper.. which is more likely to get shutdown?
  4. With Lamar out with Covid, does this lower Andrews projections/startability with RG3 at QB? And, worse case scenario, if HE gets hurt during the game? Steelers D is already darn good. On the flip side, RG3 is/may be a better passer than Lamar and Andrews is the primary target? Geodert is maybe a safer play, but not sure if Ertz being back will eat split targets? Thanks to our scoring settings, I'm up 64-30 after yesterdays games (41/Gibson & 32/WFTdefense vs 28/Amari & 2/Zeke), so I have a little bit of a cushion... but, you never know...? A win locks me into playoffs and I'd love to go into week 13 without the stress of a MUST WIN situation. ps... part of me hopes the NFL will cancel/postpone the Bal/PItt game so the decision is made for me. lol
  5. 1 and done help

    I'd get RoJo and Mike Williams in if I were you. Bench Jarvis Landry for sure. Would probably bench Edmunds but if not. Move McLaurin to Slaytons spot and out RoJo in Flex. After Brady's bad last couple weeks, they may rely on running game a little more.
  6. Streaming Defense

    Starting WFT defense and have Bear D rostered. I'm still considering Raider D vs Falcons if Julio is out.
  7. Streaming Defense

    I was thinking Cincy D because it should be a low scoring game plus Daniel Jones has 13 INTs/lost fumbles in 10 games.
  8. QB Help

  9. I'll drop Philly D. Raider D at Atlanta? Falcons were smoked by Saints D m, and they may be without Julio? WFT at Dallas? Short week helps defense plus, Dalton lead Cowboys...? Cincy vs NYG.. low scoring no offense game? I will also be dropping MVS and stashing Bear D for upcoming game vs Detroit in a couple weeks and Jax on championship week
  10. Man...i'm torn

    That would work too, but I doubt he'd give up Allen for Mostert, not knowing how healthy is is/will be. But, can't hurt to try.
  11. Man...i'm torn

    Take that trade. Adams plus Hopkins is lethal as a 1-2 punch, and you still have excellent RBs to make up for it. Plus, if Adams gets hurt, you'll still have a valid WR1.
  12. Keep playing, that's what's fair. Whoever you're playing the rest of the regular season, they shouldn't have an easier road to the playoffs jsut because you're all but eliminated. If this is a yearly league that you all play, here's what we did to keep non-playoff teams interested/playing regardless of getting into the playoffs. Teams that miss playoffs are to keep playing (top six make playoffs), the team that finishes with best record of non-playoff teams (7th place after championship week) gets the first pick in next year's draft. 8th place gets 2nd pick, and so on. So, there's not incentive to tank or quit playing just so you can finish in last place and get 1st pick the following season.
  13. Flex spots?

    Gallman, Davis, Pittman
  14. Currently 5th place (6-5 1500 PF) in standings of 12 team league, top 6 get into playoffs. Top 2 get a bye week. Won my 4th in a row yesterday to hold onto 5th place. Playoffs start week 14, so only two more weeks or regular season. 4th place (6-5 1585 PF) won by 1 pt, as his opponent had Gronk and needed 6 pts and got only 4 (not fractional points, so one more catch for 5 yards would have equaled 2 pts and a win), so he stays above me in standings. 7th place (5-6 1370 PF) was losing 77-87 going into last night.. other guy had Godwin, he had Robert Woods who went off for 36pts and won by 8. 8th place (5-6 1271 PF) Both 7th and 8th place can still pass me in standings if they win out and I lose once. If either of them lose once, even if I lose twice, I would be tied with them and presumably hold onto at least 6th place as I'm well ahead in PF, but... you never know...? That being said.. I just need ONE more win and would rather not leave it up to them... I have tough matchups this week. Full PPR with 5 pt bonus for 100 yds rushing/receiving and 300 yds passing (also another 5pt bonus for 200 R/R and 400 passing) 6 pt passing TD Qb: Ben R vs Ravens or Allen vs Chargers (i'm leaning Allen in better matchup/shootout plus Pitts/Balt is Thurs game) RB: Jacobs at Atlanta (definitely) RB2: Robinson vs Browns, Gibson at Cowboys, Gio vs NYG... Leaning Robinson because of workload, but Gibson vs bad Cowboy D is definitely in play WR: Adams.. definitely WR2: Jefferson vs Panthers, AJ Brown at Indy, Claypool vs Ravens... Panthers just totally shut down Lions/Stafford so I'm scared of Jefferson.. but Thielen is on C19 protocol.. if he's out JJ looks better? Brown is tempting in a potential shootout in a dome, Claypool.. i like alot but Ravens D is real and their offense is slowing down, could be a low scoring game? TE: Andrews or Goeddart... I worry about Lamar on short week Flex: Gibson, JJ, Brown, Claypool
  15. I hate Matt Ryan

    I played against Ryan yesterday, but it was a double edged sword. The guy also had Saints D, so all those sacks and INTs were points for his D. With our league settings, Ryan finished with 5pts but SaintsD finished with 26pts. Those 8 sacks = 16 pts for the defense. Thankfully, Ryan's bad night helped my hold the guy off even though he had Keenan and Tyreek.