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  1. Fighting for a BYE: WR Edition

    MVS bought on waivers. No longer an option.
  2. Fighting for a BYE: RB Edition

    AP bought on waivers so he's no longer an option.
  3. Fighting for a BYE: DST edition

    NO and SEA were bought on waivers. I'm down to MIN or LAR.
  4. MIN v PIT, Thursday LAR @ AZ, Monday
  5. Engram @LAC, on Sunday Higbee @ AZ, on Monday Hooper v BAL, on Sunday
  6. Fighting for a BYE: RB Edition

    Figured. Leaning Sony even if Henderson plays.
  7. Fighting for a BYE: WR Edition

    What if Thielen DOES play?
  8. Fighting for a BYE: RB Edition

    IF Edmonds is back AND Henderson is out.... who?
  9. With Taylor on BYE, who would be your RB this week? Michel @ AZ, Monday Darrel Williams V LV, Sunday Edmonds V LAR, Monday
  10. Who would be your WR2 this week? Thielen V PIT, Thursday Elijah Moore V NO, Sunday Sutton V DET, Sunday Gallup @ WAS, Sunday Osborn V PIT, Thursday
  11. 12 & 7

    I need 12 from Allen, Diggs & Bass and I need 7 from Damien Harris and Hunter Henry Will I get them??
  12. Which tier 3 TE should I start?

    1 vote Engram, 1 vote Doyle?
  13. Jack Doyle @ HOU or Evan Engram @ MIA
  14. Pick up Sutton?

    I HAVE him and I'm telling you to skip him.
  15. Start C Patterson or M Sanders? 1 PPR

    Yeah. Some of us take a job coaching a team when we're clearly not up to the task. Some hire a coach when we have no idea what we're doing. Others make a coach do things that might make US look better rather than help the team win games.