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  1. Get home and make me a sammich

  2. I love the hot asian avi's you always have. Haha... keep 'em coming.

  3. WCOFF role call....

    I can guarantee a few 6am drunken ramblings from me that weekend.
  4. WCOFF role call....

    I picked up Colston the 16th round. The entire table gave a collective except godtomsatan who was a draft Facilitator for our league.
  5. Jamaica, Cancun, Bahammas?

    Cabo, Cayman, or Cozumel..forget the other choices.
  6. WCOFF role call....

    Agreed. Here's how the first 2 rounds played out in our league last year: ROUND1 Larry Johnson LaDainian Tomlinson Shaun Alexander Ronnie Brown Tiki Barber Edgerrin James Rudi Johnson Steven Jackson Torry Holt Chad Johnson Peyton Manning Brian Westbrook ROUND 2 Willis McGahee LaMont Jordan Carnell Williams Larry Fitzgerald Willie Parker Marvin Harrison Clinton Portis Anquan Boldin Randy Moss Reggie Wayne Kevin Jones Terrell Owens
  7. Which wine should I drink tonight?

    Not an uncommon flavor.
  8. Opinions on Huddle Draft Kit

    That's technically not correct. Along the side of the homepage is a link to draftlab and you get a $10 discount if you're a member of the huddle. So for $20, you can track and organize your draft. I find that it comes in handy particularly if you're running a league. My only con about the software is that I wish it had a quick blurb about each player and a pro/con. Right now you have to use the notes section and it connects you to the huddle. That's going to cause an issue at WCOFF this year because I don't have a mobile wireless connection.
  9. Opinions on Huddle Draft Kit

    I was talking about the draft lab software that's available for purchase on the homepage. I haven't bought a draft magazine in years. I'm brilliant like that.
  10. Opinions on Huddle Draft Kit

    I bought mine yesterday.
  11. Which wine should I drink tonight?

    buh--rrrring it.
  12. Kickball

    I snagged this photo of Darin last week while he was playing.
  13. Going to a Beer Tasting this evening

    I enjoyed this beer.
  14. Friday Night Poker

    I'll give it to you next week in St. Louis.