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  1. Get home and make me a sammich

  2. I'm not trying to direct traffic to our both league but I did something tonight to a person that truly got what he deserved. Read it and let me know what you stories about cruel things just stories about people getting what they deserved. Oops sorry, my article is in the 4983...if someone could post a link to it taht would be great Here you go: Thats not true, I've never met you but you've got a friend to see in the Lou. (that's St. Louis) Good lord I'm Drunk, the snobby people made the mistake tonight and let me pick out the wine. Can you say 19998 Chateau Petrus. I love going out with people that know nothing about wine but think that money is what it's all about. Wine tab for the evening and quite a few shocked couples: $ think they'll let me pick next time. We could have got out of there for less than 200 in wine for 3 couples but some a-hole at the beginning of the evening thought it would be cool to talk about how much money he made and what his net worth was. Idiot. Time to get a taste of welcome to the real world by twiley. Scene Tom I understand you're big in yes...well I only drink Opus One (150 or so a bottle but highly commercialized). So I go well that's typical for someone who considers price to be a factor when selecting wine. He didn't care for that and proceeded to tell me that Opus is the best. I made a bet with him that i would present 4 bottles throughout the evening, one being opus and that at least 2 would bw better. So I picked 2 that were very similar to Opus and 2 that were off the charts and ones that I've wanted to try for ahwile but they were too expensive. The bet was that if a majoirty of the table picked the opus over the other bottles then I would pick upo the wine bill. COme to poppa....I noticed that the place had a nice little 1999 footbolt shiraz for 30 bucks and knew this was my moneymaker...90+ pts from the critics. I picked out another nice 2000 Bordeaux that was up and coming...aqnd of course the opus(1998 which this place was selling for 225) I decided to go for the juglar and ordered the petrus which was...well it was 700+. I had the waiter cover the wines ans serve them throughout the evening...the footbolt scored high with everyone and this idiot was even sayin gthat this was the opus hands down. The petrus held up but still needed to sit for awhile and open up, mind you it fell against a 30 dollar the evening winds down and I know I've got this in the bag but I play it up that thos guy knows his ***...he's bragging and saying all of this other crud. I have the waiter bring out the bottles to reveal what was what aqnd I've never seen a fake tan person go white before, he realised he lost but tghen he crapped a brick when he saw the bill. This isn't the most level headed guy and he aCTually threatened to beat the crap out of me right there, he actually got really po'd and his wife had to take him outside for awhile. Anyway, he paid the bill for the wine but oonly after his first card came back declined...didn'y help the matter. It also didn't help when I told him that I was going to go home and clean the toilet with the Opus because it made the porcelain nice and white. Give me a nice cold IPA or death....give me some rich f'er who thinks he's all that and I'll open his eyes to a world of reality. And here's the drunk f'er in me right doesn't matter what you do or how much you make, it's all about the simple fact of looking at yourself in the mirror the next morning and knowing that you actually serve a purpose and your maximizng your full potential in life, when you look back on life 40 years from now would the boy you were be proud of the man you have become. Now, where are the boobies....
  3. Who Will Win?

    Rams and falcons. Now I want half the pot if you win. If you welch then never come back.
  4. Manning or Brees?

    You are correct sir and donny boy here is a prime example.
  5. A n00b question

    You make a valid point. Generally, there isn't that much emphasis placed on kickers and defenses because in the grand scheme of fantasy football scoring was set up for QBs, RBs, & WRs. IMO
  6. A n00b question

    Based off of this brilliant post I'd say blah blah blah will be banned shortly as well. Maybe you can trick them and register as blah blah blah blah next time.
  7. FF advise but nodody gives me advise

    Cat's urine glows under a black light.
  8. 8 Team? Wow, you must have a sweet roster.
  9. Benching Caddy...again

    It sounds like you've answered your own question already. Both RB's will have decent games so go with your gut on this one.
  10. Who else is 0-2?

    I'm 0-2 in a local league, but overall I'm 13-3 for all of my leagues. Roster: Bulger Warner J. Lewis Kevin Jones Thomas Jones N. Davenport S. Smith D. Driver D. Stallworth R. Ferguson A. Gates Vanderjagt NYG DEF I'm still trying to figure why I'm not winning.
  11. LT owners, or anyone else I suppose

    Same here. One league I'm in only rewards points after 100 yards so the more touches he gets the better chance he has for breaking 100+ each week.
  12. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    Hats off to you Rajn. Many friends and family of mine are in the same situation. Sarcasm or no sarcasm this thread should have never been started to begin with. :shakesheadindisgust:
  13. FWIW Rib-eyes with loaded potatoes
  14. 1 Who do I start for week 3. I win, pay up.
  15. I'd slap this one on your resume.
  16. I'd do it. You have Jones and Williams to toss around which is a situation many huddlers would love to have.
  17. Question about Grits

    My nuts itch.
  18. 27,604 posts...

  19. 27,604 posts...

    I take it you started CPep, Lewis, K. Jones and Steve Smith today? Gimme a break.
  20. I am a pain in the hindquarter WDIS

    Monday Night always seems to bring out the best in people....and the worst.
  21. I am a pain in the hindquarter WDIS

    My first reaction: Parker & JJ AND I would even entertain the thought of Bledsoe