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  1. Kamara or CEH 4th pick tonight!

    Alright man. Just watch. CEH has a perfect skill set for the chiefs. The RB for pat Mahomes averages like 1.7 tds per game. Plus Andy Reid is great with RBs
  2. Hows my team? 10 team standard

    Well done. Like every position except TE just not feeling old and often injured Gronk this year
  3. Kamara or CEH 4th pick tonight!

    CEH! Kamaras back could flare up. No player has a higher ceiling than CEH this year
  4. How did it turn out?

    I think Burrow is fine to draft. Good adp with Cook. I think Golloday is a stud this year. Overall pretty solid
  5. Just have the bench space in this particular league. Wanted to have depth with injury history to Wentz
  6. Thoughts on this team?

    Well balanced team. Very deep. I do like the upside of your QBs
  7. How'd I do homies?

    Very nice team with high upside. Cook is scary with injuries but has a high ceiling. I really like Gibson and Thielen is a nice receiver this year
  8. QBs-Wentz , D Jones, G Minshew RBs-CEH, K Drake, M Ingram, K Hunt, A Mattison, C Edmonds WRs- M Thomas, DJ Moore, T Mclaurin, DK Metcalf, J Edelman TEs- N Fant, B Jarwin Def-Denver K-C Boswell I can start two in the flex
  9. This was a smash spot for Jones. Sometimes there is no understanding it
  10. I have Justin Tucker ar home vs. SF but they are calling for rain other options could be Jake Elliot in MIA or Michael Badgely in Den. Both with good weather.
  11. Who wins this matchup???

    I would go Badgely and Rams D
  12. Who wins this matchup???

    He has a slight edge only because of Thomas last night. As far as badgeley is there anybody else that is an option. Chargers are typically not good in Denver. If there are no other options though I would put in badgely
  13. Not pictured are the kickers. He had will lutz get him 17 last night. I have Justin Tucker at home versus SF. I am Dynasty on the right
  14. I did and I think it will work out
  15. Who Do I Start??